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Yoho, Hiram

Hiram Yoho

Problem: Was the date of birth, 4 Nov 1836, 4 Dec 1836 or 24 Dec 1836 as listed by Beckwith?

MILITARY: 12th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War

MILITARY: Capt. Co. E, 35th Illinois Volunteer Infantry during Civil War. The record states that he was 5'8" tall, with dark complexion, dark hair, and brown eyes.
(Furnished by Denver C. Yoho and James G. Elliot)

MARRIAGE: Hiram Yoho and Nancy A. Ritter were married on 15 May 1866 in Vermilion Co., IL.
(Source: Vermilion Co., IL marriage records - furnished by Nancy Michael)

Problem: Was the date of marriage, 15 May 1865 or 15 May 1866? Nancy Jo Michael lists, 15 May 1866.


Captain Hiram Yoho, Georgetown, farmer and stock-raiser, is a native of Vermilion county, Illinois. He was born the 24th of December, 1836, and has always made his home in the county.

He lived with his parents until 1861. He then enlisted in the 12th Ill. Inf., and was in service three months; he then enlisted in the 35th Ill. as a Private in Co. E, and was in service until the close of the war. He was made Second Sergeant, and in a few months chosen as First Lieutenant, and served as such about one year. He was then made Captain of Co. E, and was in the battles of
Pea Ridge, Nashville, and Corinth. He served mostly on detached duty, transporting prisoners, assisting in drafts in New York and Michigan, etc.

On the 15th of May, 1865 he married Miss Nancy A. Ritter. She was living on the present place. They had five children, four living, vis: Marquis R., Ophelia, Thaddeus and Allen B.
(Source: "The History of Vermilion County, Illinois, Together with Historic Notes on the Northwest," 1879 by Dr. H.W. Beckwith, p. 529-530 - furnished by Kay Bolls)


DEATH: 12 Feb 1924
(Source: DC#11445)

OBITUARY: Aged Georgetown Resident is Dead (Feb. 13, [1924]
Captain Hiram Yoho passed away at home Tuesday night. Funeral Thursday.
February 12 - Captain Hiram Yoho, 89, born and raised in this township, died at his home in Georgetown, [IL] Tuesday night at 3:30. He had been seriously ill for several weeks and for the past 3 or 4 years was an invalid.

Funeral services will be held Thursday morning at 10:00. There will be a ? prayer at the house and the regular funeral service will be at the McKendree Church. Burial will be held in the cemetery near by.

Mr. Yoho is survived by one son, T.H. Yoho who lives in McKendree Township, and one daughter, Mrs. Ophelia Moore of this place. One son, Corporal Alden Yoho died in the hospital in New York during the war with Spain. He was a member of Battery A and was taken ill in Porto (sic) Rico. Another son, a R.R. mail clerk, died almost 20 years ago. Mrs. Yoho has been dead several years.

The deceased was born in this Township, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yoho, pioneer residents of the county. He was the oldest of thirteen children. One brother William Yoho resides here and two sisters, ? ?, and Mrs. John Cook are also residents of Georgetown. Three sisters reside in the West. Mr. Yoho was a Captain in the 36th Illinois Volunteers during the Civil war.
(Source: Danville Commercial News, Danville, IL - Furnished by Josephine Bolerjack)

CEMETERY: According to Nancy Michael there are 17 Yoho family members buried at McKendree Cemetery in Vermilion, IL. Hiram Yoho, b. 1836, d. 1924 is buried here.

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