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Will of Susana Henthorn - 18631228

Will of
Susana Henthorn
Monroe Co., OH
28 Dec 1863

The last Will and Testament of Susana Henthorn the wife of Adam Henthorn Sr. of the County of Monroe and State of Ohio.

In the name of God, I Susana Henthorn considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and now being of sound mind and memory, blessed be God for the same, I Susanan Henthorn do make and publish this as my lat Will and Testament, in manner and form as follows: to wit,

Item 1st I give and bequeath unto my brother, John Risher and his heirs should he the said John Risher be dead before the entire estate of the said Susana Henthorn and that of her beloved husband Adam Henthorn, shall be fully settled up then the amount of two hundred dollars, that I intend for my brother John Risher are to be equally divided among this children.

Item 2nd I give and bequeath to my sister Catharine Barten the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, should the said Catharine Barten be dead before the estate is fully settled up, as above, then fifty dollars of her share is to go to Barbary Patton should the said Barbary Patton be dead, then her daughter Catharine is to have her mother's share. One hundred dollars of the amount that is willed to my sister Catharine Barten, should she be dead before the estate is settled as above, then that hundred dollars is to go to Susana Morrison. Should she be dead, then her three daughters are to have her share equally.

Item 3rd I give and bequeath to my niece Susan Dogles fifty dollars, should she the said Susana be dead, before the estate is settle as above, then her share is to go to her daughter Margaret Dogles, the balance of the estate that is willed to me by my husband that is the one third of all the estate that we hold or possess, at the time of both of our death, after taking out John Risher's and Catherine Barten's Shares, the balance of my estate I give and bequeath unto my niece Mary Hofer wife of Samuel Hofer.

None of the heirs are to be paid until the estate is fully settled up. I make this my last Will, revoking all other wills by me made. In testimony hereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 28th day of December 1863.
Susana Henthorn {Seal}
{stamp} Perry Cline T.G. Allen
(Source: Will Book 1 at Monroe Co., OH, page 105)

Summary of the Will of Susana Henthorn
Written 28 Dec 1863
Book 1, page 105 at Monroe Co., OH. (no date of probate, but she died in 1870).
States: Susana Henthorn, wife of Adam Henthorn, Sr.
Bequests to: John Risher, brother and his heirs
Catharine Barten, sister, then Barbary Patton, then
her daughter Catharine to have her mother's share Catharine Barten,
then Susana Morrison,
then her three daughters Susanna Dogles, niece, then her daughter Margaret Dogles balance to niece Mary Hofer,
wife of Samuel Hofer
Witnesses: Perry Cline and T.G. Allen.
(Source: Norma Henthorn and/or Betty Cronin with modifications by REH)

[Note: Much has been written about the wills of Adam and Susana Henthorn which isn't backed by the facts. Photo copies of pages 104 and 105 of Will Book 1, Monroe Co., OH were obtained by Mr. Gordon Paul and shared with REH. The will of Susana is included in its entirety above, having been typed from the cursive copy by REH. There seems to be no doubt that the wife of Adam was Susana Risher, the sister of John Risher and Catharine (Risher) Barten. REH]


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