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Blog Problem

Apparently there is a problem with how I set up this blog. I'm cooperating with Google to correct the problem. They may restrict my ability to post for a couple of days.

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Mr. Dickie's New Google Blogs

For a few months I have been keeping a personal journal (Mr. Dickie's Blog) on Google. I've been pleased with how the service works.

I announced earlier that AOL will discontinue Journal support on October 31, 2008. Google agreed to move AOL journals to their service. They created an easy procedure to facilitate the transfer.

I'm pleased to announce that I have successfully moved my three AOL journals to Google. As of October 21st I will no longer post new information to any of the AOL journals. Certain housekeeping tasks remain to be accomplished before the three new Google blogs will be configured to my satisfaction. Please be patient as I go through that process.

I'm thankful that Google was willing to support AOL users by providing support for our journals.
My four Google blogs are as follows:

Personal Blog:

Arrow Prayers: (976 entries)

Henthorn Genealogy News: (130 entries)

Henthorn Obituaries: (50 entries)

Mr. Dickie

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The End

AOL recently announced that they will discontinue support of private websites, AOL Hometown, and journals as of 31 Oct 2008. This is probably another sign of the ultimate demise of AOL as an Internet powerhouse.

This announcement will impact me personally. For many years I have maintained the Henthorn Genealogy Website in free space provided by AOL. I've also been posting to my Arrow Prayers journal and several others. I estimate that there have been over 27,000 visits to the genealogy homepage since I added a visit counter.

I'll probably create an Arrow Prayers blog on Google. I don't plan to move any of the prayers from the AOL journal archive to the new blog.

I don't know what I will do about the genealogy information. I suggest that if there is anything you want you either print out the information or make a copy of the file on your own computer prior to October 31st.

I currently have a personal blog on Google. If you are interested in keeping track of what I am doing please read the blog postings from time to time. After October 31st this will be the best place to find out what I decided to do.

Mr. Dickie's Blog:

Thanks to everyone who shared information and encouragement during the years that AOL provided this service. I hope you found something of interest from time to time.

Dick Henthorn

Friday, July 4, 2008

Vietnam Deaths

Today I'm departing from my usual practice of posting obituaries about members of families that I study as part of the genealogy hobby.

I'm thinking about two U.S. Army officers with whom I served. They gave their lives in service to our country and our politicians: Catholic Father Major Aloysius Paul McGonigal and LTC Burr McBride Willey.
In 1962-63 I served in an Infantry company of the 1st Cavalry Division near Munsan-ni, Korea. For a short time Father McGonigal lived with us in our quonset hut BOQ on the top of the hill above the company headquarters building.

I met LTC Willey at the Presidio in Monterey, California where we were both enrolled in the Spanish language course. We often practiced the daily Spanish lesson together before class. Later we were both stationed in the Canal Zone (Panama). LTC Willey was on the Atlantic side and I was on the Pacific side. I still have fond memories of the time the colonel and his wife invited me for a meal at their home.
Here are several links to more information about these fallen comrades.

LTC Burr McBride Willey

Burr Willey, LTC, Army, Richmond VA, 19Jun72 01W046 - The Virtual Wall®

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund - Search

Major Aloysius Paul McGonigal

Aloysius McGonigal, MAJ, Army, Washington DC, 17Feb68 39E075 - The Virtual Wal

May They Rest in Peace.
Dick Henthorn
July 4, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Henthorn, Jeffrey S.

Photo: Internet (Probably at Iwo Jima)

Today I've included three HotLinks to websites that describe the circumstances of the tragic death of Army Specialist Jeffrey S. Henthorn of Oklahoma. May he rest in peace!

Mr. Dickie

THE NEWS BLOG - Jeffrey Henthorn

THOMAS (Library of Congress) - Jeffrey Henthorn

Guest Book - Spc. Jeffrey S. Henthorn

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Henthorne, Ione Sigourney (Jordan)

Ione Sigourney Jordan

Problem: Is the first name Ione or Ona?

HENTHORNE - On Sunday morning, April 10, 1882, at 3 o'clock, of typhoid fever, Ona S., wife of John W. Henthorne, in the 21st year of her age.

Mrs. Henthorne leaves behind her a husband and sweet little babe, together with a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn their irreparable loss. Mrs. Henthorne had lived amidst the people among whom she died for several years and was beloved and highly respected by all who knew her. We have been acquainted with the deceased since her residence here, and can say in truth that she was one of the most amiable, accomplished and intelligent ladies with whom we have ever met. "Tis sad, very sad, to see the heart-stricken husband and friends gather around the bed of a dying wife and friend and imprint the last fond kiss upon her cold, pale cheek. "Tis more and to lie down and die in spring time when the birds are warbling forth their richest notes, and the flowers of April are sending upon zephyr wings their sweetest fragrance. Her remains were followed to their last resting place by an unusually large procession of sympathizing relatives and friends.

The dear little babe is only about three months old and never knew a mother's care, but
Kind friends will check the little one's tears,
And help her brave the storm,
Strong arms will guard her tender years
And sheild her from all harm.
Sleep sweetly mother, 'till we meet again
Beyond the other shore;
Sad hearts will all be happy then,
We'll meet to part no more.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Conger, Benjamin Cortis


Benjamin Cortis Conger was born at Wilkesville, PA. March 17, 1839. He passed away at his home in this city at 4am December 25, 1928. His age was eighty-eight years, ten months and twenty-three days. He was a son of Calvin Conger and Aranda Horton Conger.

While a small boy, he moved with the family to Wyanet, IL., where he grew to manhood. He was married, at Marshalltown, IA., to Miss Altana Hand in 1861. They resided at Wyanet for a few years, then moved to Marshalltown. Some years later, they moved to Jefferson county, Nebraska, where they remained for forty-two years. Most of that time they lived on a farm. The last ten years of that period were spent in Harbine. Ten years ago, they moved to Beatrice and this city has been their home continuously since that time.

He served as a soldier in the Union army during the Civil war, enlisting in 1863 at Wyanet. He had the unusual experience of serving as a guard over the body of Abraham Lincoln when it lay in state at Springfield. He also accompanied the body to its last resting place.

He leaves his aged wife, Mrs. Altana Conger; four children, Mrs. Sarah Sisler of Fairbury, Mrs. Emma Oakes of Beatrice, Mrs. T. C. Rand of Beatrice, and Elmer Conger of Edgar, Nebraska; four brothers and sisters, Mrs. Susan and Will Conger of Princeton, IL., Washington Conger of Marshalltown, IA., and Mrs. Mattie Sharp of Waterloo, IA.; nine grandchildren and three great great grandchildren.

Mr. Conger was a life long member of the United Brethren church. He was a good Christian man. He was a kind and loving husband and father, always thoughtful of the welfare of his wife and children. He was especially patient during his long period of illness.
Mr. Conger was a hard working man. He shared the experiences that were common among the pioneers a half century ago. Many friends living in the communities where he was best known, join sympathetically in the sorrow caused by his death. His last illness covered a period of about seven weeks.

The funeral service was held at the home, Thursday afternoon, December 27. Rev. C. O. Stuckenbruck had charge of the service. He was assisted by Rev. C. W. Olewine. Music was furnished by Mrs. H. Baker and Mrs. M. S. Calvin. Interment was in Evergreen Home cemetery.

"A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home,
That never can be filled."

Friday, June 20, 2008

Plumley, James Lawrence

James Lawrence Plumley

EDUCATION: James Plumley graduated from the public schools and Central High of Washington, DC. In 1933, he graduated from the University of Maryland. In 1936, he graduated from Sewannee (Tenn.) Episcopal Seminary.

OCCUPATION: He held pastorates in Freeport and Houston, Texas; In 1942, he was serving as Rector of St. Mary's Church in Houston, TX.

MILITARY: He held the rank of Captain in the Texas State Guard.

OBITUARY: The Vestry of St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Shreveport, Louisiana - Memorial to James Lawrence Plumley - July 19, 1910 - April 26, 1972

James Lawrence Plumley was born in the City of Washington on July 10, 1910, the son of Walter Preston Plumley and his wife, Nellie Garfield Plumley. He died in Shreveport on April 26, 1972, after a distinguished career covering 35 years as a minister of Christ's Church, the last twenty years as the beloved rector of this Parish.

This expression of the Vestry of St. Mark's Church records our sense of loss upon the death of our minister and friend and, as a part of our archives, will be a permanent memorial of the life, the accomplishments, the character, and the warm personal qualities of this notable man.

Dr. Plumley spent his early life, and received his schooling, in Washington. He attended the University of Maryland, where he was active in athletics and other college activities, from which he was graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He received his theological education at the University of the South, Sewanee, from which he held a Bachelor of Divinity degree. Later, the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Kentucky conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Divinity.

He was ordained to the priesthood in 1937, and from then to the time of his death was a devoted servant of Christ and His Church, a warm loving and tireless pastor of the people to whom he ministered, and an inspiring preacher of God's Word.

The first part of this ministry was spent in the Diocese of Texas, where he was a missionary priest in St. Paul's, Freeport, and Holy Comforter, Angleton; then he was assistant at Trinity, Houston, and inaugurated an outstandingly successful youth program. He established St. Mark's, Houston, in 1940, and was its first rector, with a membership of 27. When he left it ten years later, to go to Pittsburgh, it had a congregation of 1600.

In Texas he served as dean of the Southwest Convocation, secretary of the executive board, as a member of the Board of Missions and the Standing Committee, and as first chairman of the Episcopal Hospital Board.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he was rector of the Church of the Ascension and held various positions in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

In 1952 he came to Shreveport to become rector of St. Mark's Church where he served with distinction until the time of his death. Dr. Plumley was a member during four terms on Bishop and Council of the Diocese of Louisiana and was also a member of various other boards and committees of the Diocese. At the time of his death he was Dean of the Shreveport Convocation and a member of the Boards of Trustees of the University of the South and of All Saints' Junior College, Vicksburg. He also rendered services to this community as a member of various Shreveport civic and charitable organizations.

Dr. Plumley was an outstanding preacher and pulpit orator, and much labor and thought went into each of his sermons. He had the rare privilege of being heard regularly not only by his own congregation but also, for at least fourteen years each Sunday, by a radio audience of thousands. For about the same number of years he appeared on television with a short (taped) sermon which concluded the day's broadcasting. Most of us know of many people, over a wide area, who have testified to the worth and inspiration of his radio and television sermons. He was also constantly in demand as a guest preacher in other churches, some far removed from Shreveport, and he responded as he was able to such requests. His outstanding qualifications were recognized in 1961 by his selection as one of the ten leading clergymen in the nation by the British-American Preachers Exchange Program.

Larry Plumley's wife was Martha Franklin, of Winchester, Tennessee, to whom he was married in 1937 and who survives him. He is survived also by three children, James Lawrence, Jr., Pam, Mrs. John Barineau, and Marty, Mrs. Ralph Parnell, Jr., andby a brother, Walter, a retired priest of the Church. He was a devoted and attentive husband and father, and we remember him for this with particular admiration.

The Vestry believes that it would be appropriate to record in this memorial our appreciation of Larry Plumley's outstanding qualities, his humanity and his devotion and dedication to Christ and His Church. Spiritual devotion and zeal were made effective in his Parish and in this community by his own human qualities, and his understanding and sympathy with the humanity of others.

He was the rector of St. Mark's Parish during a time of stirring change: First, when the Parish moved to a new location and under his leadership, built and paid for our present beautiful church; and more recently, when differences of opinion in the National Church, the Diocese, and even in the Parish, could have been the occasion for serious divisions which a lesser man might not have averted.

We know that Lawrence Plumley was a worthy successor to the many able, conscientious and devoted priests who have served St. Mark's Church as its rector during its long and honorable history; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, That the Vestry of St. Mark's Church directs this expression of our regard and affection for Lawrence Plumley and this memorial of our convictions as to his worth as a man and as the rector of this Parish, which have been impressed upon us during our long association with him, be inscribed in the minutes of the Vestry; and that a copy be sent to the family of our friend and pastor, whose memory will long inspire us in the affairs of this Parish.

Hanthorne, Ruth Emmarreta

Ruth Emmaretta Hanthorne

RESIDENCES: From letters to Raymond M. Bell and family members it can be determined that during the 7 Aug 1963-1967 period she was living at: Van Sanford Apartments; Seminole, OK 74868.

OCCUPATION: School teacher for at least 40 years.

Ruth Emmaretta Hanthorne attended Oklahoma College for Women at Chickasha, OK. She taught at Cement and Seminole, OK and perhaps other places.

One summer she taught and coached, Muriel Diamond in a dramatic reading. Muriel said, "She was a "jolly" happy-go-lucky (not flighty) person. She enjoyed life, had a hearty laugh, telling such interesting true tales of her school and students, but she could be serious too. One summer she was in New York furthering her drama teaching ability and worked on a TV play which featured Tallulah Bankhead. I believe Ruth's name was in the credits for the lighting."

She wrote to Christine Bergen on 7 Sep 1964, from Van Sanford Apartments; Seminole, OK. She stated her father was William Parker Hanthorne (1855-1917) who married Emmaretta Richardson. So it appears that her father was the first to use the "a" as the 2nd letter of the last name.

Ruth Hanthorne spelled her last name, Hanthorne. She lived near Norma (Latham) Henthorn at one time. The address was possibly: 1711 Grisso Drive; Seminole, OK; as of 19 July 1973. She wrote a long letter about Cyrus Henthorne of Arkansas to Paul Howard Henthorne from which the address is extracted.

Ruth Hanthorne Dies
Ruth Hanthorne never married. She was a school teacher and retired from that profession. She was born on 2 Jan 1902 in Dewey Co., OK, a daughter of William Parker Hanthorne and Emmaretta Richardson. She died on 14 Jun 1975 at the Seminole Municipal Hospital, Seminole Co., OK at the age of 73 years, 5 months, and 12 days. The cause of death was, Cerebrovascular hemorrhage.

Her residence at the time of her death was 1711 Grisso Drive, Seminole, OK. Her Social Security Number was: 447-22-0443A.

She was survived by one sister, Mrs. Cleo Moon of 218 West Main Street, Lamoni, IA.

The funeral took place at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, 16 Jun 1975 at the Swearingen - Arnhart Funeral Chapel in Seminole, OK. Freeman R. Whitlock (Latter-day Saints) officiated. Burial was on 16 Jun 1975 at the Eagle City Cemetery in Eagle City, OK.
(Source: Information for "Ruth Hanthorne Dies," extracted from Record of Funeral, No. 6, Page No. 69, obtained in Seminole, OK by Billy Gene Henthorn)

Billy Gene Henthorn of Enid, OK visited the Eagle City, OK cemetery in the summer of 1994. He found Ruth Hanthorne and her brother buried side by side. Her stone read: Ruth Emmaretta Hanthorne; 2 Jan 1902 - 14 Jun 1975.

Retired Teacher Dies Here
A retired Seminole High School and Junior College speech teacher, Miss Ruth Hanthorne died at 7 a.m. Saturday in Seminole Municipal Hospital. Miss Hanthorne was admitted at the hospital at 12:10 a.m. The instructor was 73 years old.

Services are pending the arrival of relatives from out of state. The body is at Swearingen-Arnhart Funeral Home.

Born at Eagle City, Oklahoma Territory, January 2, 1902, Miss Hanthorne received her early education there. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oklahoma College for Women (now Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Chickasha; a Master's Degree from the University of Oklahoma, Norman, and she had done additional graduate work in English and Speech at the University of Southern California and Denver University. She spent two summers studying in England, concentrating on Shakespearean Literature.

Miss Hanthorne began her tenure in the Seminole school system in 1941 and aughter until her retirement in 1969. She holds membership in several professional organizations including American Association of University Women.

Since retirement, Miss Hanthorne had been an avid worker in the Democratic party and for the past several years she acted as director at party headquarters during major election campaigns. In 1972, the Seminolean was honored as "Democratic Woman of the Year" by her local Democrat Women's Club. This year, Miss Hanthorne was nominated as "Outstanding Federation Woman of the Year" by her local club. She had served in many capacities as well as precinct chairman.

Miss Hanthorne's hobby, since retirement, has been Genealogy. She had traveled extensively in the eastern and midwestern states doing considerable research in the Library of Congress.

(Source: The Daily Seminole Producer, Sunday, 18 Jun 1975, Seminole, OK, includes photograph - furnished by Bill Henthorn)

According to Muriel Crownover the genealogy records of Ruth Emmaretta Hanthorne were given to Norma (Latham) Henthorn of Bethany, OK. [Note: It is indeed unfortunate that these notes have now apparently been lost to researchers of the Henthorn family. REH]

RECOLLECTIONS: Early Day Folks in Eagle City
As for our family, my parents, Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hanthorne, and their six children came to Oklahoma from Nebraska in covered wagons. Maude, the oldest, was married to Ira H. Conkling and had a baby, Mable. They made the trip in February, 1900. I am appalled when I think of it. My brother, Hugh, was ten months old and Mable was two months old. The other children were older. Only Cleo and I were born on our scrubby little farm down near Fay, [OK].

My father had been reared on a farm in Illinois, but his heart was never in it. Mother was a good farmer, but Dad was a plasterer and brick layer; so when building started in Eagle City, [OK], he went back to his trade, and we eventually moved from the farm to Eagle City. It was right at the end of 1905 for I remember my fourth birthday came just a few days after we moved, and it comes on January 2. My father was a good workman, and he built chimneys all over the county that are still in working order.

I wish I could write to you about my mother, but I am too close emotionally to do her justice. She was a good woman and loving mother who worked hard and taught us to work hard. She believed passionately in education and saw to it that we attended school regularly. Both Cleo and I taught school for more than forty years. That was because Mother worked so hard and kept us in school.

Sincerely, Ruth Hanthorne

[Note: Muriel Crownover writes, "In the early 1970s the Eagle City, [OK] community began having an annual reunion for all former residents. School was too small to limit it to individual classes although usually the 50-year class was acknowledged and saluted. Later in the '70s an ambitious lady wrote former residents and compiled a little "newspaper" of old pictures and articles written and supplied, and was which was available to those attending. My family mailed one to me for I did not attend that year." This letter written by Ruth Hanthorne appeared in the the 1975 issue. The other parts of the letter dealt with various residents of Eagle City, who are not of interest to the Henthorn/Hanthorne genealogy.]

(Source: Extracted from a long letter which appeared in The Eagle City Pioneers, May 1975, p. 5 - furnished by Muriel Crownover)

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Atkinson, Isaac

PARENTS: Isaac Atkinson was the son of Stephen Atkinson and Margaret Jones.

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 47/47, 19 Jul 1850
Isaac Atkinson 30, m. Innkeeper OH
Hannah 31 f. OH
Franklin 10 m. OH
William 8 m. OH
Emiline 6 f. OH
Jane 4 f. OH
Loretta 2/12 f. OH
Daniel Jones 25 m. Laborer OH
Rebecca Atkinson 23 f. OH
There is a note: Hotel Jamestown.
[Note: Rebecca Atkinson was the adopted sister of Isaac Atkinson, according to Robert Guilinger.]
(Source: 1850 Census Index by Wilma S. Davis, p.6.)

CHILDREN: According to Robert Guilinger, Isaac Atkinson had 12 children.

EMIGRATION: Moved from Adams Twp., Monroe Co., OH around 1858 to Macksburg, Aurelius Twp., Washington Co., OH, per a Monroe County newspaper item.
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

Census: 1860, in Washington Co., OH, Aurelius Twp.

Census: 1870, in Washington Co., OH, Muskingum Twp., 3 Aug 1870
Issac Atkinson, 50, farmer, OH; Hannah, 51, keeping house, OH
Lizzie E., 17, dau, helps mother, OH; Lilly, 14, school, OH
Mattie, 12, school, OH; Rebecca, 9, OH
Lorena Driskill, 29, housekeeper, OH
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

RESIDENCES: It is known that Isaac and Hannah Atkinson lived in the small village of Macksburg, Washington Co., OH. An 1875 Atlas of Washington Co., OH shows a plat of Macksburg, OH with Isaac Atkinson's name on his house.

Census: 1880, in Washington Co., OH, Muskingum Twp., 8 Jun 1880
Issac Atkinson, 60, OH; Hannah, 61, wife, OH
Mattie Morris, 22, dau, OH
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

RESIDENCES: The 1882 Monroe Co., Ohio, Hardesty history article about Stephen Atkinson, father of Isaac Atkinson, reports that, Isaac and Hannah Atkinson were residing at Marietta, OH.

Margaret Ann, died 20 Apr 1841; Lauretta, born 19 Mar 1850, died 6 Jan 1856; Benjamin Franklin; William Monroe; Mary Emeline; Amanda Jane; Elizabeth Ellen; Lillie; Hattie; Lenora; Rebecca Duvall; Isaac Deming.
(Furnished by Thomas Ollom)

RESIDENCES: Fifth and Montgomery streets, Marietta, OH

OBITUARY: Mr. Isaac Atkinson, the aged father of B.F. Atkinson, of Caldwell, [OH] died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mattie Phipps, at Macksburg, [OH], at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday morning, October 17, 1906, from ailments incident to old age, having almost reached the eighty-seventh milestone of his age.

The deceased was born at Cameron, Ohio, in 1819 and since 1837 had been a consistent member of the Christian church and was for many years recognized as elder in the congregations at Cameron and Marietta, [OH]. He had resided at Cameron, Marietta, Newell's Run and eighteen months ago took up his residence with his daughter, Mrs. Phipps, at Macksburg.

The deceased was the father of ten children, six of whom survive, as follows: B.F., of Caldwell; Mrs. R.C. Smithson and Mrs. Mattie Phipps, of Macksburg, [OH]; Mrs. A.F. Chesney of Topeka, Kans.; Mrs. Lillian Kerr, of Parkersburg, W.Va.; Mrs. Rae Quick of Marietta.

The funeral was held at Macksburg, Friday forenoon, the services being conducted by the deceased's nephew, Elder Jesse Beard, of Marion, Ohio, after which the remains were laid to rest by the side of the deceased's compaion [sic], who had preceded him in 1882 [sic], in the Lund Cemetery.
(Source: undated newspaper clipping - furnished by Gary Chesney)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hinthorn, Floyd E.

Problem: Was the date of birth: 1 Jul 1893 or 7 Jul 1892/1893? Apparently the tombstone lists 1892. SSDI lists, 1 Jul 1893.

CONFLICT: Cemetery sheet at The Fort lists the date of birth as 7 Jul 1893. Others have read the date as 1 Jul 1893. 1 Jul 1893 in the SSDI.

PARENTS: Jackson Hinthorn and Fannie E. Messer

RELATIONSHIP: Floyd Hinthorn was the twin of Lloyd Hinthorn.

MARRIAGE-CONFLICT: Was the marriage to Bessie Harmeson in 1910 as listed in the obituary of Floyd Hinthorn or 4 Dec 1914 as listed elsewhere?

MARRIAGE: 1913, Book N, p. 130

Census: 1920, in Lawndale Twp., McLean Co., IL, #22/23, 5 Jan 1920
Floyd Hinthorn, 25; Bessy, 29
Alberta L., 3 11/12
(Furnished by Liz Veselack)

RESIDENCES: As of Feb 1948, Floyd I. Hinthorn of Danville, IL in the obituary of his mother.

RESIDENCES: As of Aug 1953, Danville, IL

OBITUARY: Floyd E. Hinthorn
Floyd E. Hinthorn, 78, a former resident of 128 1/2 W. Main, died at 3:20 p.m. Thursday (Oct. 14, 1971) in the International Nursing Home where he had been a patient two weeks.

Mr. Hinthorn had been hospitalized prior to entering the nursing home and had been in failing health two years.

A resident of Danville the past 20 years, Mr. Hinthorn was born July 1, 1893 [sic, probably, 7 Jul 1893] at Hudson, IL, son of Jackson and Fannie Messer Hinthorn.

He attended schools in Hudson and later farmed near that community until moving to Danville.

Mr. Hinthorn had operated a parking lot on S. Walnut for many years, retiring two years ago because of his health.

He married Bessie Harmeson at Colfax, IL in 1910. She died in 1924 [sic, Feb 1928].

Survivors include a brother Loren of Danville; two sisters, Mrs. Hazel Walden and Mrs. Myrtle Brooker, both of Leroy, and two grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by a daughter, Alberta; two brothers, and two sisters.

The body is at Pape Memorial Home where visitation will be held from 2-4 and from 7-9 p.m. Friday.

Services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at the funeral home, with burial in Wiley Cemetery at Colfax.
(Source: unknown newspaper - undated)
[Note: The obituary consistently misspelled the surname: Henthorn. It gave the date of death of Bessie as 1924. It listed the date of birth of Floyd incorrectly. REH]

CEMETERY: The Wiley Cemetery is in Section 4, Martin Twp., near Colfax, IL

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hinthorn, Cerena (Patrick)

AKA: Her first name appears to be Serana on the 1850 census. Cerena in the 1860 census. Cerina on the 1870 census. Cyrena in the obituary. Last name is Paterick on the stone.

Census: 1860, in McLean Co., IL, Hudson Twp., (P.O. Hudson), 1190/1169
Cerena Hinthorn, 60, f. farmer, 4600/1000, NC
William, 21, m. IL

Census: 1870, in Mc Lean Co., IL
Cerina, 70, NC; w/Mary Raley, PA

RELATIONSHIP: Amanda Patrick, the sister of Cerena, married Young Bilbrey. One of their daughters married a Jacob Jackson Hinthorn.

CEMETERY: Hinthorn Cemetery, d. 4 Aug 1878, age 78 years, 4 months, 14 days.
If she was born on 20 Mar 1800 and lived to be 78 years, 4 months, 14 days the calculated death date would be 3 Aug 1878. The El Paso Story reports a death date of 4 Mar 1878.

Problem: What was the date of death?

OBITUARY: Death of Mrs. Cyrena Hinthorne
Mrs. Cyrena Hinthorne, one of the old settlers of this part of the state, died at the house of her daughter, Mrs. Seth Maple, in Hudson, [IL], at 12:30 a.m., August 4, [1878]. She was born in North Carolina March 21, 1800, was married to Adam Hinthorne (deceased since 1857) in 1834, and settled in Woodford County, this state, the same year. Since the death of her husband she has lived among her numerous relatives in Money Creek township.

She was the mother of five children, but one of whom, Mrs. Maple, survives her.

Her funeral, at Mr. Seth Maple's, Monday, was attended by an immense crowd from different parts of McLean and Woodford Counties. The funeral procession, from Maples' to the Hinthorn grave yard, where the remains were interred, was over a half mile in length. The funeral sermon will be preached by Rev. Mr. Powell at some further time.

Mrs. Hinthorne, for years known far and near as "Aunt Cyrena," was a member of the U.B. Church in high standing, as was also her husband during his lifetime. Modest and retiring to the last degree, "Aunt Cyrena" was loved and revered by everyone. She knew not, practically, the meaning of the word "enemy." Her illness, senile consumption, lasted over six months, during which she was tenderly cared for by her daughter's family. Everything that love and the most anxious solicitude for her comfort could suggest was done cheerfully for her by them. Mrs. Maple is herself quite unwell.

(Source: The Pantagraph, Bloomington, IL, Vol. XXXII, No. 32, p. 1, col. 8 - Friday, 9 August 1878 - transcibed, MCHS Archives, 4 Nov 1995, by Liz Veselack - found at The Fort and retyped by REH)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Henthorn, Alice Lillian (Sinquefield)

Alice Henthorn

Alice Lillian (Sinquefield) Henthorn, 93, of Willamina, [OR] died July 8 [2001] at home.
She was born Nov. 30, 1907 in Perris, Calif. She married Everett Henthorn on June 2, 1929 in Mansfield, Wash.

She graduated from Willamina High School in 1921 and from Normal School in Monmouth in 1926. She began teaching at Gold Creek School in 1926 and taught in Mold, Wash., from 1927-29. She taught in Sheridan from 1945-70 when she retired.
She enjoyed gardening.

Survivors include her daughter, Ruth Galindo of Mt. Ranch, Calif.; a brother, Eugene Sinquefield of Eureka, Calif.; a sister, Esther Greufe of Roseberg; 8 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

Services were held Tuesday at Willamina Cemetery. Adamson’s Sheridan Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.
The Sheridan Sun - July 11, 2001

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lewis, John

MARRIAGE: John Lewis married Betty Jane Henthorn on 26 Aug 1877. Family Bible in possession of Mildred (Lewis) Hunt. Information extracted by Wayne McMeins.

RESIDENCES: In 1877 John and Jane Lewis moved to a farm in Sugar Creek Township one and one-half miles west of Drexel, MO. His parents came with them and the family became active in the community and the Asbury Methodist Church.

Mabel Stitt made her home with them for a while, until she married Guy Towers.

When their son Herbie's wife died the two girls, Bernice and Mildred, came to live with them until they were grown.

RESIDENCES: John and Jane moved into their home on Walnut in Drexel in 1917. When the church decided to build a new Methodist Church, they gave the lot where the church now stands. They worked in the church as long as they were able. (Source: Helen Hinze in Drexel: The First 100 Years, 1989)

OBITUARY: John Lewis Dies

Mr. John Lewis, son of James and Emily Lewis, was born near Perry in Pike County, Illinois and passed away 3 June 1949 at the age of 94 years and 3 months.

Mr. Lewis was united in marriage to Betty Jane Henthorn, 26 August 1877 in Illinois and the same year they came West and established their home on a farm in Sugar Creek, Miami county, Kansas where they reared their family. Two daughters Sarah and Minnie and five sons Fred, Alba, Herbie, Frank and Harry.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis lived on their farm 1 1/2 miles west of Drexel until about 30 years ago when they moved to their newly built residence in Drexel where Mrs. Lewis passed away 10 June 1941.

Mr. Lewis sold his home in Drexel about three years ago and went to live with his son Herbie in Kansas City. He has been in very poor health for about a year and the past two weeks just seemed to be slipping away from us.

Mr. Lewis gave his heart to God at a very early age and was always an active member in his church as long as his health would permit. He was a wonderful husband and father and set a wonderful example for us to follow.

He is survived by one daughter Sarah of Drexel, MO., four sons, Fred of Stockton, California, Herbie of Kansas City, MO., Frank of Olathe, Kansas, and Harry of Berkeley, California. One son Alba preceded his father in death and one daughter Minnie passed away in infancy. He leaves 14 grandchildren, several great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Sunday at the Drexel Methodist Church at 3 p.m. The Rev. H. C. Green of Springfield, MO., a former pastor officiating. J. B. Hays funeral director and Mrs. Everett Stowe pianist. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rhea sang as quartette numbers "It is Well With My Soul," and "Old Rugged Cross". Casketbearers were: Col. W. S. Miller, John Cory, Roy Pasco, Everett Stowe, Wilson Hearson and Ernest Long.

Interment was made in Sharon Cemetery beside his departed wife, Mrs. Lewis.

RECOLLECTIONS: Grandpa and Grandma Lewis were silent givers. They did many good things. Grandpa was successful in his day as a farmer and his life spoke for itself. He said, "Money is not to hoard, but to make life better." (Quote from Helen Hinze)

Lewis, Thomas Arbuckle

OCCUPATION: Thomas Arbuckle Lewis was a farmer.

MILITARY: Thomas Lewis answered his country's call and enlisted in 1861. He returned from the War Between the States to marry Mary Emily McMeins.

MILITARY: According to Anne P. Morris, Thomas was in the civil war battle of Resaca, GA in about 1864. He told Anne's mother and her sisters that they ate field corn becaue the rations were low.

RECOLLECTIONS: Thomas and Mary Emily (Mc Meins) Lewis used to drive their horses from their home in Brown Co., IL to Drexel, Cass Co., MO to visit their Lewis relatives there. (Source: Wayne Mc Meins)

OBITUARY: Thomas A. Lewis Dies

Thomas A. Lewis, husband of Mary E. Lewis, born on 13 Oct 1840, died on 2 Mar 1921 at Buckhorn Twp., Brown Co., IL at the age of 80 years, 4 months, 17 days. He was born in Griggsville, IL, son of James Lewis who was born in Kentucky and Emila Dale whose birthplace was not known. He was a farmer. He died of lobar pneumonia with a secondary contributing factor of senility. He was attended by R.C. McGann, M.D. of Mt. Sterling, IL. F.W. Aber of Mt. Sterling, IL was the undertaker who arranged the burial on 4 Mar 1921 at Benville, IL. Rollin (sic) Lewis of Siloam, IL was the informant. (Source: Standard Certificate of Death, State of Illinois, Registration Dis. No. 39, Primary Dist. No. 6067, Registered No. 15 - furnished by Anne P. Morris)

Problem: Was his date of birth, 13 Oct 1840 or 9 Aug 1840? Was his date of death, 2 Mar 1921 or 17 Mar 1889?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cooley, Edwin Francis

Summary of Edwin Francis COOLEY - 8 May 2008
Name: Edwin Francis COOLEY
Sex: Male
Father: Wells COOLEY ( - )
Mother: Maryetta CORY (25 Jul 1822 - 2 Mar 1901)

Individual Facts
Birth 7 Jul 1845 Mentz, Cayuga Co., NY
Death 14 Jun 1906 (age 60) Fishhook, Pike Co., IL
Burial 15 Jun 1906 Fishhook, Pike Co., IL, Woodland Cemetery

1. Sarah Holt HENTHORN
Marriage 3 Aug 1865 (age 20)

William Wallace COOLEY (25 Aug 1867 - 6 Jun 1932)
Maryett COOLEY (22 Aug 1869 - )
Bettie Jane COOLEY (23 Dec 1871 - 10 Feb 1890)
Alice Mayette COOLEY (19 Apr 1880 - 27 Jul 1880)
Ada Ellen COOLEY (5 Mar 1884 - 21 Dec 1933)
Iva Edna COOLEY (3 Feb 1886 - 22 Sep 1980)
Charles Albert COOLEY (12 Jan 1889 - 25 Mar 1975)

Notes Edwin Francis Cooley

PARENTS: Wells Cooley and Maryetta Cory.

OCCUPATION-RESIDENCES: Edwin Francis Cooley, farmed in Fairmount Township, Pike County, IL.

CENSUS-BIRTH: His parents were both born in NY.
(Source of above and birth date of 7 Jul 1845, 1880 census).

OBITUARY: Edwin Francis Cooley Dies
Edwin Francis Cooley, was born in Cayuga, county, New York, near the town of Metz, on 7 Jul 1845. He came with his parents to Illinois in the year 1848.

He raised his brother and sister after his father, Wells, disappeared. His mother lived with him at the time of the 1880 census.

Was united in marriage with Miss Sarah H. Henthorn in the year of 1865: there was to this union seven children, two sons and five daughters, of which three daughters have preceded him to the spirit world. He has left behind his widow, two sons and two daughters, and several grandchildren; he also leaves one brother, Albert Wells Cooley, of Brown county, Illinois, and one sister Mrs. Alice Hobbs, of Chambersburg, Illinois.

He was a kind husband, a loving father and a dear brother; he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Mr. Cooley was converted and united with the M. E. church in the year 1871 and lived a consistent member of this organization until his death, which occurred at his home near Fish Hook, IL, June 14, 1906.

Funeral services were held at Woodland church on the 15th and interment made in the graveyard of same church, services conducted by Rev. W. G. Hamilton.
(Source: The Baylis Guide - 22 Jun 1906, page 4)

CEMETERY: Woodland cemetery gravestone shows dates as: 07 Jul 1845 - 14 Jun 1906.

RECOLLECTIONS: Fish Hook Picnic attracts 117 The sixth annual Fish Hook Picnic was attended by 117 people June 11, [1989] at the town hall.
After the carry-in dinner, Kathy Hurd read the minutes of last year's picnic and gave the treasurer's report.

Officers for next year are Edna Curfman, Mary Etta Fox, Kathy Feenstra and Wanda Martin.

The oldest woman present at this year's event was Edith Kelly of Pittsfield. The oldest man present was Ray Bowman.

The family with the most descendants present was the Jerry and Ginger Dougherty clan from Quincy with 10 children. Russell Masterson from California came the farthest. All these people received gifts.

The Fish Hook picnic is held annually the second Sunday in June.
(Source: unknown, hand dated, 1989, included two photographs - furnished by David Cooley)


Prepared by:
Richard E. (Edson) Henthorn
5403 76th Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705

Monday, April 21, 2008

Atkinson, Lydia Martha (Eagler)

Birth: 22 APR 1841, Olive,Noble,OH
Death: 27 OCT 1908, Caldwell,Noble,OH
Burial: 29 OCT 1908, Olive,Noble,OH,Olive Cemetery

BIRTH: 22 Apr 1841 near Olive, Noble Co., OH

AKA: Martha Eagler

OBITUARY: 1841 Mrs. B.F. Atkinson 1908
On a beautiful autumn day, the twenty-seventh of October [1908] at her home in Caldwell, Ohio, surrounded by her immediate family, calmly as an infant closes its eyes in slumber, thus calmly and peacefully did Lydia Martha Atkinson passed to her long sleep and her spirit returned to the God who gave it.

She was born near Olive, in Noble county, O., April 22, 1841, her parents being John and Mary (Schofield) Eagler both natives of Pennsylvania. In the early years of the last century they settled in what is now Noble county, to which union were born the following children: Elizabeth (deceased); Will and Joseph both residing in Illinois; Charles of Macksburg; Lydia Martha, the subject of this sketch; John (deceased); Nancy J. of Macksburg; and David.

She obeyed the scriptural injunction: "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth," having united [with] the Methodist Episcopal church [at] the age of sixteen.

On the third [day] of September 1865, she was united in marriage with B.F. Atkinson and [trans]ferred her membership to the [Christ]ian Church of which her hus[band] was a member, thus for nearing ... century theirs was a united .. in all things religious, as well [as] social and moral.

She was an ... ... christian, wife and mother, one whose christian character portrayed itself in all her daily walk and conversation, and her absence from her loved ones leaves aching hearts whose consolation rests in the faith that wife, mother and sister has gone to her Savior [sic] as she so earnestly prayed to do during her long sickness.

Mrs. Atkinson's sickness dates from the 25th of April last and she has been confined to her bed for the past seven weeks, during all of which time she was a most patient sufferer, never complaining and hoping for the best. When it became evident to her that her days were nearly numbered and the sands of life were nearly run, her contentment was perfect for she had long ago "set her house in order," and occupied much of her last hours in arranging for the welfare of her family.

On the 22nd day of April, 1886, the family removed from their home in Macksburg and have ever since made their home in Caldwell, a community whose loving kindness and sympathy cannot be bounded by time but reaches beyond into the sunshine of Eternity.

She leaves behind to mourn their great loss, besides brothers and sisters, a lonely husband and the following children: William S. Atkinson, Miss Mary Atkinson, Mrs. Alma Quick, Mrs. Lillie Kean, Mrs. Jessie Way of Wheeling, W.Va., Mrs. Bertha Brennan, and C.F. Atkinson of Dexter City, Ohio, one sweet little infant, Lula Jones, whom she has joined after many years of waiting, never again to part, but who watch and wait with beckoning hands until they all may be reunited in the home, "Over There."

The last sad rites will be conducted by Rev. L.W. Finley at the family residence on Main St., Thursday, at 10 a.m. after which interment will be made in the Olive cemetery.
(Source: undated newspaper clipping - furnished by Gary Chesney)

Atkinson, Isaac

Birth: 29 OCT 1819, Cameron,Monroe,OH
Death: 17 OCT 1906, Macksburg,Washington,OH
Burial: 19 OCT 1906, Macksburg,Washington,OH,Lund Cemetery

PARENTS: Isaac Atkinson was the son of Stephen Atkinson and Margaret Jones.

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 47/47, 19 Jul 1850
  • Isaac Atkinson 30, m. Innkeeper OH
  • Hannah 1 f. OH
  • Franklin 10 m. OH
  • William 8 m. OH
  • Emiline 6 f. OH
  • Jane 4 f. OH
  • Loretta 2/12 f. OH
  • Daniel Jones 25 m. Laborer OH
  • Rebecca Atkinson 23 f. OH
There is a note: Hotel Jamestown.
[Note: Rebecca Atkinson was the adopted sister of Isaac Atkinson, according to Robert Guilinger.]
(Source: 1850 Census Index by Wilma S. Davis, p.6.)

CHILDREN: According to Robert Guilinger, Isaac Atkinson had 12 children.

EMIGRATION: Moved from Adams Twp., Monroe Co., OH around 1858 to Macksburg,
Aurelius Twp., Washington Co., OH, per a Monroe County newspaper item.
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

Census: 1860, in Washington Co., OH, Aurelius Twp.

Census: 1870, in Washington Co., OH, Muskingum Twp., 3 Aug 1870
  • Issac Atkinson, 50, farmer, OH; Hannah, 51, keeping house, OH
  • Lizzie E., 17, dau, helps mother, OH;
  • Lilly, 14, school, OH
  • Mattie, 12, school, OH; Rebecca, 9, OH
  • Lorena Driskill, 29, housekeeper, OH
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

It is known that Isaac and Hannah Atkinson lived in the small village of Macksburg, Washington Co., OH. An 1875 Atlas of Washington Co., OH shows a plat of Macksburg, OH with Isaac Atkinson's name on his house.

Census: 1880, in Washington Co., OH, Muskingum Twp., 8 Jun 1880
  • Issac Atkinson, 60, OH;
  • Hannah, 61, wife, OH
  • Mattie Morris, 22, dau, OH
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

COMMENT: The 1882 Monroe Co., Ohio, Hardesty history article about Stephen Atkinson, father of Isaac Atkinson, reports that, Isaac and Hannah Atkinson were residing at Marietta, OH.

  • Margaret Ann, died 20 Apr 1841;
  • Lauretta, born 19 Mar 1850, died 6 Jan 1856;
  • Benjamin Franklin;
  • William Monroe;
  • Mary Emeline;
  • Amanda Jane;
  • Elizabeth Ellen;
  • Lillie;
  • Hattie;
  • Lenora;
  • Rebecca Duvall;
  • Isaac Deming.
  • (Furnished by Thomas Ollom)

RESIDENCES: Fifth and Montgomery streets, Marietta, OH

OBITUARY: Mr. Isaac Atkinson, the aged father of B.F. Atkinson, of Caldwell, [OH] died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mattie Phipps, at Macksburg, [OH], at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday morning, October 17, 1906, from ailments incident to old age, having almost reached the eighty-seventh milestone of his age.

The deceased was born at Cameron, Ohio, in 1819 and since 1837 had been a consistent member of the Christian church and was for many years recognized as elder in the congregations at Cameron and Marietta, [OH]. He had resided at Cameron, Marietta, Newell's Run and eighteen months ago took up his residence with his daughter, Mrs. Phipps, at Macksburg.

The deceased was the father of ten children, six of whom survive, as follows: B.F., of Caldwell; Mrs. R.C. Smithson and Mrs. Mattie Phipps, of Macksburg, [OH]; Mrs. A.F. Chesney of Topeka, Kans.; Mrs. Lillian Kerr, of Parkersburg, W.Va.; Mrs. Rae Quick of Marietta.

The funeral was held at Macksburg, Friday forenoon, the services being conducted by the deceased's nephew, Elder Jesse Beard, of Marion, Ohio, after which the remains were laid to rest by the side of the deceased's compaion [sic], who had preceded him in 1882 [sic], in the Lund Cemetery.
(Source: undated newspaper clipping - furnished by Gary Chesney)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Henthorn, William Homer

Birth: 6 Jun 1868 Adams Twp.,Monroe,OH
Death: 20 Jun 1952 Cameron,Monroe,OH
Burial: 22 Jun 1952 Cameron,Monroe,OH,New Cameron Cemetery

William Homer Henthorn

William H. Henthorn (age 19) and Elizabeth Ward were married on 23 Oct 1886 in Monroe Co., OH; Sylvester Henthorn made application for license. Consent of father and guardian filed, p. 125. Book 3
(Source: Monroe County Ohio Marriage Extractions - New Martinsville, WV Library - Furnished by Estral Tennant, Ray Alfred Stewart and Betty Cronin)

Census: 1900, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., # 83, 84

  • William Henthorn, b. Jun 1863, age 36, married 11 years, b. in OH,
  • father b. in OH, mother b. in OH, farmer
  • Mary E. Henthorn, b. Mar 1865, age 35, married 11 years, mother of 4,
  • 4 living, b. in OH, father b. in OH, mother b. in OH
  • Ethel C. Henthorn, b. Mar 1887, age 13, single, b. in OH, father b. in
  • OH, mother b. in OH
  • George L. Henthorn, b. Aug 1890, age 9, single, b. in OH, father b. in
  • OH, mother b. in OH
  • Franklin S. Henthorn, b. Apr 1892, age 8, single, b. in OH, father b.
  • in OH, mother b. in OH
  • Everett W. Henthorn, b. May 1895, age 5, single, b. in OH, father b.
  • in OH, mother b. in OH
  • (Note: Census furnished by Gordon Paul. REH)

W.H. Henthorn, 40, (Widower), from Monroe Co., and Sarah E. Erlewine, (Widow), from Monroe Co., were married on 25 Dec 1909 in Monroe Co., OH; W.H. s/o Sylvester & Susanna (Morris) Henthorn; Sarah d/o Asa Truax & Susan (Bowman); p. 298.
(Source: Monroe County Ohio Marriage Extractions - New Martinsville, WV Library - Furnished by Estral Tennant and Ray Alfred Stewart)

OCCUPATION: According to Ruth Shuck, William and Ellen Henthorn operated a boarding house hotel at Cameron, Monroe Co., OH.

MARRIAGE: William Henthorn (67) (3rd marriage) and Velma V. Palmer (40) were married on 28 Jun 1937 at Monroe Co., OH. William s/o Sylvester Henthorn and Susanna Morris; Velma d/o William Palmer and Melzenia Truex (Truax)
(Furnished by Ray Alfred Stewart)

OBITUARY: William Henthorn Dies
William Henthorn, son of Sylvester and Susanna Morris Henthorn was born June 6, 1868 and departed this life on June 20, 1952 being at the time of his death 84 years and 13 days of age.

On October 23rd, 1886 he was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Ward and to this home four children were born: Mrs. Ethel Cox of Martins Ferry, and Everett Henthorn of Beallsville. George and Frank are deceased. His wife departed this life on February 13, 1908.

On December 22, 1909 he was united in marriage to Mrs. Ellen Erlewine who preceded him in death in January 1933. On June 28, 1937 he was married to Miss Velma Palmer and to this union one child was born, Ella, of the home.

In his early youth he became a member of the Church of Christ at Cameron and was faithful in attending church services as long as health permitted. He was baptized by Brother Arnold. He was a kind father, devoted husband and a good neighbor.

Surviving are his wife, three children; two sisters, Mrs. Cora Case of Cleveland and Mrs. Loretta Veirheller of New Comerstown and one brother, John Henthorn of Cameron.

  • Sunset and evening star,
  • And one clear call for me.
  • And may there be no moaning of the bar
  • When I put out to sea.

Funeral services were conducted by Minister J.V.A. Traylor at the Cameron Church of Christ, Sunday afternoon June 22. Burial was made in the Cameron cemetery.
(Source: undated newspaper clipping)

William Henthorn, 84, a retired Monroe county, O[hio], farmer, died at his home at Cameron, O., yesterday noon. The body is at the Bauer & Turner funeral home at Woodsfield, where brief services will be held Sunday at 1:30 p.m. followed by additional services at the Cameron Church of Christ. Minister J.V.A. Traylor will officiate and burial will be in the Cameron cemetery.

Surviving are his widow, two daughters, Mrs. Ethel Cox of Martins Ferry, and Miss Ella Henthorn of the home, a son Everett of Cameron, O.; two sisters, Mrs. Cora Case of Cleveland and Mrs. Loretta Vierheller of New Comerstown, O., and a brother, John Henthorn of Cameron, O.
(Source: Wheeling Intelligence, Saturday, June 21, 1952, p. 11)

In Memoriam

In loving memory of William H. Henthorn who passed away June 20, 1952.

Peaceful be they rest, dear Father
It is sweet to breathe thy name
In life we loved you dearly
In death we do the same.

In our hearts your memory lingers
Always tender, fond and true,
There is no a day dear Father
That we do not think of you.

Rest on, dear Father, thy labor is o'er
Thy willing hands will toil no more
For God at last knew what was best
So He took you home with Him to rest.

Sadly missed by wife and daughter, Mrs. Velma Henthorn and daughter, Ella.
(Source: undated newspaper clipping)

William Homer Henthorn is buried in Row 8, Position 5 (starting from the back left corner) of the New Cameron Cemetery, near Cameron, OH. The stone reads: HENTHORN; FATHER; William H.; 1868-1952; MOTHER; ELIZABETH; 1865 - 1908
(Cemetery survey furnished by Ruth Shuck, confirmed by Nov 1994 photograph furnished by Delbert Henthorn)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hinthorne, Jane Clarabelle (Young)

Birth: 7 JUN 1905, Sorento,Bond,IL
Christening: Wood River,Madison,IL,Baptist
Death: 13 OCT 1965, Litchfield,Montgomery,IL
Burial: 15 OCT 1965, Bethalto,Madison,IL,Roselawn Memory

CHRISTENING: Jane Clarabelle Young was baptized at the Baptist Church in Wood River, Madison Co., IL.

Jane Clarabelle Young was born on June 7, 1905 in Sorento, Bond Co., IL the daughter of George Washington (Owens) Young and Angeline Davidson.

On October 14, 1922, she married Ernest V. Hinthorne in Carlinville, Macoupin Co., IL. This marriage lasted 43 years. It was a marriage of great hardship, she reared her 10 children as best she could, doing her best with what she had.

All of her children received a high school education, which she insisted on, as well as choosing the right friends.

She spent the last 15 years of her life at the home she liked best, in Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co., IL.

Because of her lung condition she developed pneumonia and was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield, Montgomery Co., IL, where she died after a stay of two days, on October 13, 1965. Her home was at: 713 Warren St.; Bunker Hill, IL.

She was buried at Roselawn Memorial Gardens (Lot 39-B, Space 2 of the Last Supper Section) in Bethalto, Madison Co., IL, on October 15, 1965.

Pall bearers were: Charles Lowe, Roland Rhodes, Robert Kehr, Gordon Hillman, Thurman T. Corey, Jr., and Earl Thron.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fedorchak, Catherine Hester (Foreaker)

Anyone interested in the history and genealogy of Monroe county, Ohio certainly misses Mrs. Catherine Hester Fedorchak. We are indeed fortunate that she left a legacy of information that people will be using for years to come.

Her obituary follows:

Catherine Hester [Foreaker] Fedorchak, 76, of Merrillville, IN, formerly of Gary and Valparaiso, died Oct. 14, 1994.

She was a retired secretary for the United Steelworkers of America, Local 3008, and a member of S.O.A.R. She was also a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution, The Ohio Genealogical Society, and The Monroe County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society. She had also been a former member of the First Presbyterian Church in Gary, IN.

This fall the Monroe County Genealogical Chapter awarded Mrs. Fedorchak with a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of all the work that she had done over the past several decades collecting and preserving genealogical records for southeastern Ohio. She is the first person to be honored by the Monroe County Chapter for all the genealogy research that she has done for the past four decades.

She is survived by a daughter, Charlotte Fedorchak of Crown Point, IN; a son, James R. Fedorchak; a sister, Charlotte Behre of Tumwater, WA; a grandson, Douglas Fedorchak of Downers Grove, IL; an uncle, Dr. Walter C. Burkhart of Athens, GA; a sister-in-law, Barbara Fedorchak of Merrillville, IN; several cousins, nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her husband, John T. Fedorchak.

Private services were held at the convenience of the family.

In recognition of her long time interest in genealogy research, the family requests that memorial contributions given in her name be sent to The Monroe County Genealogical Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society, Box 641, Woodsfield, OH 43793. (Source: Monroe County Beacon, Thursday, October 27, 1994 - furnished by Leona Harrison)

Craig, Willa Mae (Henry)

Birth: 16 DEC 1909, Millburne,Uinta,WY
Death: 15 MAY 1997, Boulder,Boulder,CO
Burial: MAY 1997, Evanston,Uinta,WY,Evanston Cemetery

RELATIONSHIP-RESEARCHER: Willa M. (Henry) Craig; 2685 - 28th Street #10; Boulder, CO 80301, 86 years old, as of Dec 1995, is the wife of Elwin Craig, who was son of Clarence Henry Craig, who was brother of George Whitney Craig. Mrs. Craig was interested in the Craig, Conger, Henthorn, Buskirk and Foggin families, among others. She is mentioned in the Foggin family articles of Catherine Fedorchak.

EDUCATION: Graduated from the University of Wyoming, receiving her degree in elementary education in 1956.

OCCUPATION: Elementary school teacher in Corvallis, OR until she retired in 1975.

RESIDENCES: Moved to Boulder Co., CO in 1975.

ORGANIZATIONS: Member of the Oregon Teachers Association; Longmont Genealogical Society, Longmont, CO.

HOBBIES: China painting and genealogy

OBITUARY: Willa M. Craig
Willa M. Craig of Boulder, [CO] died Thursday, May 15, 1997, at her home. She was 87.

She married Elwin L. Craig in August 1938 in Idaho Sprints. She was graduated from the University of Wyoming, receiving her degree in Elementary education in 1956. She worked as a elementary school teacher in Corvallis, Ore., until she retired in 1975. She moved to Boulder County in 1975.

Mrs. Craig was a member of the Oregon Teachers Association and the Longmont Genealogical Society. She enjoyed china painting and genealogy.

Born Dec. 16, 1909 in Millburne, Wyo., she was the daughter of Bessie Mae Hayward and William M. Henry.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Elwin Craig, in 1954 and one daughter, Carolanne Craig, in 1953.

Survivors include one daughter, Katherine E. Williams of Boulder; one brother, Maurice Henry of Robertson, Wyo.; four sisters, Elizabeth Martin of Evanston, Wyo., Eleanor Simms of Evanston, Wyo., Myrtle Olsson of Dallas, Ore., and Doris Brown of Portland, Ore.; and three grandchildren.

Private family graveside services will be held in Evanston, Wyo.

Contributions can be made to the Longmont Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 6081, Longmont, CO 80501 or Hospice of Boulder County, 2825 Marine St., Boulder, CO 80304.

Crist Mortuary in Boulder is in charge of arrangements.
(Source: undated newspaper clipping - furnished by her genealogy "buddy" of many years, Mary Heddles of Longmont, CO)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Peters, William Lee

RESEARCHER: William Lee Peters was interested in genealogy. He shared information about his Quinn/Lackey connection to the Henthorn family with the Henthorn / Bolerjack project.

NEVER_MARRIED: William Lee Peters never married.

PETERS William L, age 59, of Cincinnati, Ohio, passed away unexpectedly on 1/6/2008 at his residence.

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on 7/26/1948 to Margaret Codding Surface and Robert Peters, both of who preceded him in death.

Bill is survived by his sister Carol Pelletier, brother-in-law Ronald Pelletier and nephew Alexander Pelletier. He will also be dearly missed by his loving aunts and cousins, and special friends, including Todd Scarce and Nancy Robinson.

William received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oberlin College in 1970 and a Masters degree in Asian Studies from Yale University in 1972. Following graduation Bill resided in Japan for several years where he taught English and studied the Japanese language and culture. He returned to Cincinnati and pursued a lifelong career in linguistics and international studies. Bill taught Japanese for Berlitz and was an interpreter for The Ford Motor Company. Most recently he was a professor of Japanese at the University of Cincinnati, a position he held for over ten years.

He remained healthy and active until his death, enjoying genealogy, traveling, nature hikes and visiting with friends and family.

Arrangements by Walker Funeral Home.
(Source: Furnished by Sue Geiger)


Henthorn, Roy Lee & Norma Louise (Latham)

Roy Lee Henthorn

Birth: 18 DEC 1922, Grimes,Roger Mills,OK
Death: 15 JAN 1997, Bethany,Oklahoma,OK
Burial: 18 JAN 1997, Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,OK,Resurrection Cemetery

RESIDENCES: 1959 Address: 319 S.W. 7th; Bethany, OK
RESIDENCES: 1970 Address: 6905 N.W. 32nd; Bethany, OK 73008
RESIDENCES: 1992 Address: 6905 N.W. 32nd; Bethany, OK 73008. Roy Lee Henthorn always lived at the same address. Both addresses, listed above, are for the same place. The name was changed when the city was annexed.

MILITARY: Served in the South Pacific during WWII.

OCCUPATION: Roy Lee Henthorn worked for AT&T. He retired in Oct 1987 after 30 years with the company (AT&T Tech).

Roy L. Henthorn, 74, of Bethany, OK, died Jan. 15, 1997 at his home following a lengthy illness.

He was a member of the IBEW and was employed by the AT&T for over 30 years, retiring in 1987.

Roy served his country in the South Pacific during WWII.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Norma Louise Henthorn in Oct. of 1992 and a daughter, Barbara Jeanne Sanderson in Jan 1992.

He is survived by sons: Paul Douglas Henthorn and his wife Jeanine of Nashville, TN and James Robert Henthorn and his wife Keda [Kendra] of Oklahoma City, OK; four daughters: Janet Kathryn Brake of Bethany, OK, Lee Ann Riggs and husband Michael of Bethany, Betty Suzanne Henthorn of Bethany, Margaret Ellen Valenzuela and husband Paul of Spokane, WA; 2 sisters, Grace Church and Georgia Neal; as well as 9 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews.

Services are scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 18th, 1 p.m., in the Bill Merritt Memorial Chapel, Bethany, [OK], 6201 NW 39th.
(Source: The Daily Oklahoman, Friday, 17 Jan 1997 - furnished by Bill Henthorn)

CEMETERY: The Resurrection Cemetery is located on Northwest Highway in Oklahoma City, OK.


Norma Louise (Latham) Henthorn

Birth: 13 MAY 1924, Kerrville,Kerr,TX
Death: 18 OCT 1992, Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,OK
Burial: 21 OCT 1992, Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,OK,Resurrection Cemetery

RESEARCHER: Over the years Norma Louise (Latham) Henthorn was one of the people most interested in gathering and sharing of information about the Henthorn family. She corresponded with people from all over the country who were doing research on this surname.

REFERENCE: Norma and her husband, Roy, wrote, "History and Descendants of Amos and Elizabeth Sharp Henthorn, 1816-1959," in 1959 while living in Bethany, OK.

REFERENCE: In 1990, Norma and Raymond M. Bell wrote, "The Henthorn Family - Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia - with notes on Cresap and Quinn

COMMENT: The two documents, cited above, served as an inspiration to Richard E. Henthorn and Mary Josephine (Henthorn) Bolerjack. The data from these two documents is included in the Henthorn/Bolerjack work.

DEATH: It was a great loss to anyone doing Henthorn genealogy when Norma Henthorn passed away on 18 Oct 1992 while undergoing tests at a hospital in Oklahoma City, OK.

OBITUARY: Norma Louise Henthorn

Norma Louise Henthorn, died Sunday, October 18, [1992] in Oklahoma City, [OK] after a brief illness. She was born May 13, 1924, in Kerrville, Texas. She made numerous friends across the country in pursuing her genealogy hobby.

She is survived by her husband, Roy L. Henthorn, of Bethany; two sons, Paul Henthorn of Nashville, TN, and Jim Henthorn of Tuttle, four daughters, Kay Brake, Bethany, Lee Ann Riggs, Bethany, Suzie Henthorn, Bethany, and Margaret Henthorn, Colorado Springs, CO; her mother, Nora Hunter Latham and her sister, Betty Rankin, both of Oklahomas City; seven grandchildren and two great-grandsons.

Services will be held at 10:00 a.m. October 21 at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens.
(Source: The Daily Oklahoman, Tuesday, October 20, 1992 - furnished by Bill Henthorn)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Henthorn, Minerva Jane (Powers)

Mrs. C. H. Henthorn Succumbed Monday,

Services Wednesday

Death of well known woman follows complications after broken hip last fall.

Mrs. C. H. Henthorn, highly respected and widely known woman of the community for 51 years, passed away last Monday morning [23 Mar 1936] at 8:00 o'clock following an illness of several months duration. Mrs. Henthorn suffered a broken hip last November and complications which developed as a result of the injury were the cause of death.

Impressive services were conducted from the Methodist Church on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 when many old friends gathered to pay their final respects to the departed.

The floral tribute was symbolic of the esteem in which Mrs. Henthorn was held.

The Reverend W. W. Whitman, pastor of the church, officiated. Music was furnished by W. H. Menzie, who sang, "Lead Kindly Light" and "The Old Rugged Cross" with Mrs. Glen Haworth at the organ.

Minerva Jane Henthorn, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Powers was born at Perry, IL on 15 Oct 1862 and departed this life at Aurora on 23 Mar 1936, at the age of 73 years, 5 months and 8 days.

Mrs. Henthorn grew to womanhood in Illinois where she followed the profession of teaching until here marriage to Charles Holt Henthorn, on 10 Feb 1885.

Their wedding trip brought them to Aurora, where they have resided for more than a half century.

A little more than a year ago, Mr. and Mrs. Henthorn happily observed their golden wedding anniversary surrounded by their children and by a host of friends.

She leaves her husband, Charles Holt Henthorn, an only daughter Mrs. Lou Retta Bradbury, three sons John Wrex, Harold Roy and Edward Charles, and five grandchildren: Gerald and Beatta Bradbury, Wrex Jr. and Dorothy Henthorn and Harold Henthorn, Jr.

Pall bearers were C. H. and J. D. Henthorn, Wrex, Harold, and Edward Henthorn and Claude Bradbury.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Henthorn of Central City and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Powers of Fremont were among the out of town relatives present.
(Source: The Aurora News - Friday, 27 Mar 1936)

[Note: Grandmother of researcher, Richard Henthorn.]

Henthorn, Charles Holt

Pioneer Resident Taken by Death

Charles H. Henthorn, who would have reached his 85th birthday on February 10th, passed away last Sunday [20 Jan 1946] at the home of his son Wrex near Phillips after a 3 weeks illness.

Mr. Henthorn was for many years a prominent pioneer construction worker and carpenter, being a member of the firm of Johnson and Henthorn contractors. The late Joe Johnson was his partner. He was one of the builders of the Fidelity Building and others around the square as well as many Aurora residences.

Final rites were held Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 from the Chapman-Higby chapel with the Rev. A.J. Rich officiating. Mrs. Lawrence Tenor and Miss Barbara Hanson, accompanied at the organ by Mrs. Glen Haworth, sang "Lead Kindly Light" and "Rock of Ages."

Charles Holt Henthorn was born 10 Feb 1861 in Fishhook, IL. and departed this life on 20 Jan 1946.

He came to Aurora in 1884 and on 10 Feb 1885 his marriage to Miss Minerva Jane Powers, an Illinois school teacher took place. The couple immediately established their home here, where they lived together for 51 years. Her death occurred on 23 Mar 1936.

One daughter and three sons were born to this union, all of whom survive. They are Lou Retta Bradbury of San Diego, California, Wrex Henthorn and Doctor Harold Henthorn both of Aurora, and Edward Charles Henthorn of Bellevue, NE.
(Source: Aurora News Register - 25 Jan 1946, p. 1)

[Note: Grandfather of the researcher, Richard Henthorn.]

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hinthorn, Melvin E.

Melvin E Hinthorn

The funeral for Melvin E Hinthorn, 81, of Sun City AZ, and formerly of Normal [IL], Hudson, and Decatur, will be at 10 a.m. Monday, at the Metzler-Froelich Memorial Home, Bloomington. The Rev. James Wooton officiating.

Burial will be in Hudson Cemetery, with military rites accorded by the Louis E Davis, Post 56, American Legion, of Bloomington. Visitation will be from 4 to 7 pm Sunday, at the memorial home.

Mr Hinthorn died at 3:30 pm Tueday (Nov. 23, 1999), at Boswell Memorial Hospital, Sun City AZ.

Memorials may be made to the donor's choice

From the Bloomington Pantagraph, Bloomington Illinois, Friday November 26 1999

(Source: from the personal files of Rex King)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hinthorn Family Obituaries

Article from Daily Pantagraph, Bloomington, McLean, IL. dated 21 Dec. 2000 retyped by Rex King

Ron A. Brewington

The funeral of Ron A. Brewington, 45, of 3035 Ann Drive, Bloomington, will be at 11 a.m. today at Evangelical Free Church, Bloomington. The Rev. Bud Craig will officiate. Burial will be in Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Bloomington. Visitation will be from 9 to 11 a.m. today at the church. Metzler-Froelich Memorial Home, Bloomington has charge of arrangements.

He died at 5:57 p.m. Monday (Dec. 18, 2000) at his home. He had been ill.

Memorials may be made to the Community Cancer Center, Normal; or the Salem's Children's Home, Flanagan.

Mr. Brewington was born March 31, 1955, at Peoria, a son of Harrel and Janette Biggers Brewington. He married Diane S. Anderson on Nov. 16, 1990, in Bloomington. She survives.

Also surviving are his parents of Pekin; three daughters, Heather Crandall, Goodlettsville, Tenn.; Sheila (Jason) Stephens and Jennifer (Gary) Hinthorn, both of Bloomington; and two brothers, Keith Brewington, Green Valley; and Dan (Marta) Brewington, St. Louis, Mo.

Other survivors include his father- and mother-in-law, Carl and Eva Anderson, Bloomington; three grandchildren, Sabrina and Constance Short, and Paige Hinthorn; and a sister-in-law, Julia B. Lindoerfer, Bloomington.

He was preceded in death by a sister-in-law, Pam Faulk.

Ron was a 1973 graduate of Pekin High School where he was active in football, golf and hockey. He had been a member of the First Baptist Church, Pekin. He served in the U.S. Navy for four years. He was a member of the El Paso Golf Club and a former member of the Bloomington Moose Lodge. He owned and operated Twin City Handyman Service in Bloomington.

Ron was an avid golfer and enjoyed cooking. He was a loving and devoted son, husband, father, brother and grandfather. He especially enjoyed playing with his grandchildren. Ron was very romantic and on many occasions surprised his wife Diane with special gifts.

Note: I am not sure where Jennifer and Gary Hinthorn belong in the family!

Article from Daily Pantagraph, Bloomington, McLean, IL. dated 27 Dec.2000 retyped by Rex King

Virgal Hinthorn

Virgal L. Hinthorn, 88, of 1613 E. Olive St., Bloomington, died at 2:30 a.m. Monday (Dec. 26, 2000) at Martin Health Center, Bloomington.

His funeral will be 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Carmody-Flynn Funeral Home, Bloomington, the Rev. Gerald T. Ward officiating. Burial will be in East Lawn Memorial Gardens, Bloomington. Visitation will be from 4 to 7 p.m. today at the funeral home.

Memorials may be made to a charity of the donor's choice.

Mr. Hinthorn was born Oct. 25, 1912, at Hudson. He married Mary A. Niehus on July 27, 1947, at Peoria. She survives.

Also surviving are a daughter, Ann Jirard, Redmond, Ore.; four sons, Robert (Judy) Hinthorn, Tucson, Ariz.; Darwin (Betty) Hinthorn, Normal; Richard Hinthorn, Bloomington; and Carl (Judy) Hinthorn, Towanda; and 13 grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by two brothers, two sisters and a grandson.

Mr. Hinthorn farmed at Barnes for many years. He worked for International Harvester, El Paso, beginning in 1937. He later co-owned the International Harvester in Hudson and in 1949 he became sole owner of the implement store in El Paso. He was involved in land clearing and cutting for the Lake Bloomington project.

Article from Daily Pantagraph, Bloomington, McLean, IL. dated 22 Dec. 2000 retyped by Rex King

Vernal Fannin

WAYNESVILLE -- Vernal Fannin, 92, of Waynesville died at 9:30 p.m. Thursday (Dec. 21, 2000) at Crestview Healthcare Center, Clinton.

His funeral will be 11 a.m. Tuesday at Calvert Funeral Home, Clinton. Burial will be in Long Point Cemetery, Wapella. Visitation will be one hour before the service Tuesday at the funeral home.

Memorials may be made to Waynesville Christian Church.

Mr. Fannin was born July 24, 1908, at West Liberty, Ky., a son of Willie and Myrtle McGuire Fannin. He married Lois Pauline Darland on July 13, 1937, at Lovington, N.M. She survives in Decatur.

Also surviving are a daughter, Joyce E. (Steve E.) Van Vleet, Decatur; four sons, Jerry D. (Nancy K.) Fannin, LeRoy; Jim (Lynda) Fannin, Normal; Wayne (Lola) Fannin, Assumption; and Marshall (Rayona) Fannin, Atlanta; a sister, Elva Leathers, Calumet City; 19 grandchildren; and 33 great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by five brothers and a sister.

Mr. Fannin was a member of Waynesville Christian Church.

He farmed for several years in Texas and worked at Bloomington's First Baptist Church for 12 years.

He and Mrs. Fannin were honored as Waynesville's Oldest Married Couple during the town's Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2000.

Note: Nancy Fannin is the daughter of Hazel Fern Hinthorn Gaddis.

[Thanks to Rex King for typing and sharing.]