Friday, September 18, 2009

Brown, Sylvanas

PROBATE: Probate record for Sylvanas Brown, father of Mary Catherine (Brown) Conger, wife of George Washington Conger.

481.0 Sylvanas Brown, died intestate, 30 Mar 1857 [or 1859], Appanoose Co., Iowa. Mary A. Brown was the administrator of the estate.

Estate inventory, was 40 acres of land, situated in Section 13, Township 67, Range 18, appraised at $200.00. One yoke of oxen, one wagon and one cow. The estate was insolvent. Paper dated 2 Nov 1866, by S.M. Moore, Co-Judge.

The land was subject to a Life Dower for Mary A. Brown, who was entitled to 2/3 undivided. Paper dated 6 Aug 1866.

$187.72 was allowed to the widow and five children under 15 years old, for one year from the death of the deceased. Certified 15 Jun 1866 by S.M. Moore, Co-Judge.

There was a petition to sell the real estate dated 23 Jun 1866. And, Mary A. Brown sued John Brown et al. for her 2/3 share, filed 6 Aug 1866.

Expenses, $64.00, (including funeral, court costs, etc.)
[Note: Apparently, Eliza C. Conger and her husband, George Conger had an interest in this case. REH]
(Source: Appanoose Co., Iowa, Probate Records on LDS film, 1689942, #410 - read and extracted by Joyce Posey)

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