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Garner, Nancy Jane (Parsons) Kelley

Summary of Nancy Jane PARSONS - 21 Jun 2010

Name: Nancy Jane PARSONS
Sex: Female
Father: Jesse PARSONS (18 Feb 1814 - 16 May 1879)
Mother: Lydia WYKERT (12 Dec 1815 - 18 Feb 1912)

Individual Facts
Birth 9 Jul 1839 Rines Ridge, Marshall Co., VA
Death 30 Mar 1923 (age 83) Proctor, Wetzel Co., WV
Burial abt 4 Apr 1923 Proctor, Wetzel Co., WV, Antioch Cemetery
Chr Proctor, Wetzel Co., WV, Disciples

1. William Alexander KELLEY
Marriage 2 Dec 1858 (age 19) Marshall Co., VA/WV
Junia Vista Constantine KELLEY (12 Oct 1859 - 20 May 1934)
Catherine Matilda KELLEY (22 Dec 1860 - 23 Mar 1935)
Eugene Franklin KELLEY (8 Jun 1863 - 11 May 1949)
Jesse Francis KELLEY (6 Mar 1866 - 6 Mar 1866)
Mary Lydia KELLEY (abt 1868/69 - abt 1898)

2. Henry GARNER
Marriage 8 Dec 1869 (age 30) Wetzel Co., WV
Friend GARNER (20 Nov 1870 - 20 Jul 1894)
David GARNER (abt 1871 - )
Infant GARNER (3 Jun 1874 - )
Peter GARNER (3 Jun 1875 - 29 Mar 1877)
Albert GARNER (30 Apr 1878 - 13 Jun 1962)
Thomas Nelson GARNER (9 Jan 1881 - 2 Oct 1882)
F. S. GARNER (23 Oct 1882 - 23 Oct 1882)

Notes (Individual)
Nancy Jane Parsons

PARENTS: Jesse Parsons and Lydia Wykert

CHRISTENING: Nancy Jane Parsons was baptized at the Disciples of Christ, Whetstone Creek, Proctor, Wetzel Co., WV.

RESIDENCES: Spent her entire life in Marshall and Wetzel counties, VA/WV with the exception of 3 years spent in Iowa.

SPOUSE: Mrs. Nancy Parsons Kelley was the 2nd wife of Henry Garner. She was first married to William Kelley and widowed.

RESIDENCES: After the death of Henry Garner she lived with her son, Albert Garner.

Census: 1910, in Wetzel Co., WV, Proctor Dist., #89-93
Alber (sic) Garner, 31, 9 years, WV WV WV, farmer
Martha, 33, 3/2, WV WV PA
Alta B., 8, WV WV WV; Mildred, 6, WV WV WV
Nancy J., 71w, mother, WV WV WV, farmer
Icy Clark, 16, WV WV WV, housekeeper

Garner, Nancy J. w/f d. Mar 30, 1923 age 83y, 8m 21d d. Proctor Dist. of Pneumonia parents Jesse Parsons and Lulia Wykert (Source: General Index and Register of Deaths, Wetzel County, WV - Extracted by Darlene Bacon)

OBITUARY: Wetzel Co, WV Democrat, New Martinsville, WV. She died at the home of Albert Garner, near Proctor, WV.

RESEARCHER: Marilyn Dodd of Marietta, OH provided information on this family to Claude R. Burton.

OBITUARY: Mrs. Nancy Garner Called to Her Reward
Mrs. Nancy J. Garner departed this life at the home of her son Albert, near Proctor, March 30, 1923, at the age of 84 years. Mrs. Garner was born on Rine's Ridge, in Marshall county, July 9, 1839, and during her entire life, with the exception of three years spent in Iowa, she was a resident of Marshall or Wetzel county.

In 1859 [sic, 2 Dec 1858] she was married to William Kelley,and to this union were born five children: Mrs. T. J. and Mrs. J. P. Cooper of near Proctor; E. F. Kelley of New Dale; and Mrs. Wilford Furbee and Jesse Kelley, the last two of whom preceded her in death.

In 1867 Mr. Kelley died and two years later she was united in marriage to Henry Garner, one of Wetzel county's most progressive citizens. To this union were born four children: Albert Garner, who at the present time is a member of the County Court of Wetzel county, and Friend, Peter and Thomas, the last three of whom have preceded her to the grave.

Besides her son Albert, one step-son, Mr. Wilford Garner of Moundsville, survives.

Mr. Garner died in 1901 and since that time she has resided with her son Albert.

At the time of her death, she could boast of 31 grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren.

At the age of 17 she accepted Christ and was baptised at the mouth of Whetstone Creek by Rev. John Henderson. During all these 67 years she has been true to this great confession and has devoted her life unselfishly to the service of her fellow beings. In speaking of her a friend remarked that she was one of the best women that ever lived, and this estimate of her life and character seems to be held by all who knew her, and was evidenced by the great number who flocked to the home and church to pay their respects to the one whom they had come to regard so highly.

Her death was due to complications following an attack of pneumonia.

The funeral services were held at Antioch Church, Monday afternoon by Rev. J. F. Jamison of Webster Springs and interment was made in Antioch Cemetery by Funeral Director Everett Mason. Active pall bearers representing her own children's families were William Cooper, Milo Cooper, George Cooper, Jesse Kelley, William Kelley, and Samuel Furbee. Honorary pall bearers, representing her step-children's families were Clarence Garner of Moundsville, Elmer Coffield of New Martinsville, Thomas Shirk of Columbus, Ohio, Wilford Parsons of Moundsville, Joseph Parsons of Proctor and Hays Hall of Proctor. (Source: unknown and undated, - furnished to Linda (Goddard) Stout by Bill Kelley of Paden City, WV)

PROBATE: Nancy Jane (Parsons) Kelley Garner, Will Book 6, p. 479, Wetzel Co., WV. "one equal one sixth to Mardotha Shirk daughter of my deceased son Friend Garner..." (Furnished by Linda (Goddard) Stout)

Parsons, Jason

Summary of Jason PARSONS - 21 Jun 2010

Name: Jason PARSONS
Sex: Male
Father: Jehu PARSONS (abt 17 May 1811 - abt 25 Oct 1881)
Mother: Catherine YOHO (18 Aug 1813 - 21 Jul 1876)

Individual Facts
Birth 8 Feb 1846 Wetzel Co., VA
Burial Jan 1937 (age 90) Moundsville, Marshall Co., WV, Greenlawn Cemetery
Death 18 Jan 1937 (age 90) Glen Dale, Marshall Co., WV

1. Sarah Margaret CONNELLY
Marriage 28 Sep 1867 (age 21) Franklin Dist., Marshall Co., WV
Charles C. PARSONS (abt 23 Aug 1868 - 23 Jun 1951)
Cora Belle PARSONS (11 Nov 1869 - 13 Jan 1951)
Ella PARSONS (6 Dec 1871 - 1911)
Louisa Frances (Lou) PARSONS (7 Sep 1873 - 17 May 1942)
Infant PARSONS (25 Nov 1875 - 29 Nov 1875)
Jeahue T. PARSONS (13 Nov 1876 - 1945)
Edison W. PARSONS (11 Apr 1880 - 1943)
Peter F. PARSONS (10 Dec 1881 - 20 Sep 1955)
George Cleveland PARSONS (12 Nov 1884 - 13 Mar 1980)
Vernon L. PARSONS (26 Jul 1886 - 1937)
Jesse J. PARSONS (13 Jan 1889 - 19 Jul 1971)

Notes (Individual)
Jason Parsons

Problem: Was he born in Wetzel Co., WV or as listed by Vernon Anderson, Tyler Co., WV?

RELATIONSHIP: Mary Ann, Sarah Margaret and Sophia Connelly were sisters, the daughters of Eli and Louisa (Bowman) Connelly. They married Israel, Jason and James Parsons, respectively. The name, Connelly, has been changed to Conley, which name is commonly used today. The latter spelling is found in the records of all three mentioned marriages. (Furnished by Claude R. Burton)

MARRIAGE: Jason Parsons and Sarah Margaret Connelly were married on 28 Sep 1867 in Marshall Co., WV. (Source: Marshall Co., WV, Marriage Book A1, p. 71 - furnished by T. Vernon Anderson)

Census: 1870 in Marshall Co., WV, Franklin Dist. #208
Jasons Parsons, 24, VA; Sarah M., 22, VA,
Charles, 3, WV; Cora, Nov 1869, WV
(Furnished by Vernon Anderson)

Census: 1880, in Marshall Co., WV, Franklin Dist. #4
Jason Parsons, 34, JP, WV PA VA; Sarah M., 32, wife, VA MD MD,
Charles, 12, son, WV; Cora, 10, dau, WV; Ella, 8, dau, WV;
Louisa, 6, dau, WV; Jehu, 3, son, WV; Edison, 2/12 Apr, son WV
(Furnished by Vernon Anderson)

RESIDENCES: As of Sep 1919, Glen Dale, WV

Problem: Did he die in Glen Dale, Marshall Co., WV or in Akron, Summit Co., OH?

OBITUARY: The death of Jason Parsons is felt as a personal loss by many people who were not related to him. At the age of 91 years he took an active interest in life and until but a few weeksago was making his usual rounds of visiting children and other friends in this state and Ohio. Keeping friends with old and young always seemed to be more to him that acquiring honors in public life or adding to his worldly goods.

Correct living, industry and intelligence had enabled Mr. Parsons to spend his old age in any manner he chose without being hampered for finances and he lived by mingling among his friends. He never proffered advice but it was often sought. Neither did he push himself forward to hold office, yet for more than thirty years in his active years he was retained in the office of justice of the peace, a community accommodation, and there were but few cases that he could not get the parties to compose their differences without resorting to law.

Probably Mr. Parsons was the last survivor in Marshall county who had been a member of the county court when that body was composed of the justices of the peace.

When agitation for a bridge across the mouth of Fish creek began and the most feasible location for bridges of that day was Graysville, Mr. Parsons was instrumental in having the proper road connections built to that riffle before the matter went further.

Previous to that bridge when Fish creek could not be forded the only way to get to the county seat from below the creek was by steamboat.

Within the last twelve months three lifelong companions have died in that community. They were born in the same year in that neighborhood, George A. Smith, Robert Coffield and Jason Parsons, they spent their lives on farms that joined and died within a few months of each other.

Two years ago George Parsons had a reunion of the Parsons relationship at his farm at Pioneer and Mr. Smith and Mr. Coffield as well as this father Mr. Parsons were present.

Another interesting fact in the life of Jason Parsons was the he and his brother Israel and his cousin James, married three of the Connelly sisters, Sarah M., Mary A. and Sophia, and the three families resided in the same neighborhood. (Source: undated clipping - furnished by Hugh L. Yoho)

Parsons, Israel

Summary of Israel PARSONS - 21 Jun 2010

Name: Israel PARSONS
Sex: Male
Father: Jehu PARSONS (abt 17 May 1811 - abt 25 Oct 1881)
Mother: Catherine YOHO (18 Aug 1813 - 21 Jul 1876)

Individual Facts
Birth 31 Jan 1843 Wetzel Co., VA
Burial Sep 1919 (age 76) Franklin Dist., Marshall Co., WV, Pioneer Cemetery
Death 28 Sep 1919 (age 76) Woodlands, Marshall Co., WV

1. Mary Ann CONNELLY
Marriage 7 Oct 1868 (age 25) Marshall Co., WV
Stella Virginia PARSONS (1866 - 1941)
Infant PARSONS (20 Jan 1870 - )
Henrietta (Retta) PARSONS (20 Jan 1871 - 7 Jul 1941)
Ida L. PARSONS (23 Aug 1876 - 1953)
Joseph Cooper PARSONS (28 Feb 1880 - 14 Mar 1943)

Notes (Individual)
Israel Parsons

BIRTH: NSRAR Genealogical Forms Series II, Vol. 54

PARENTS: Jehu Parsons and Catherine Yoho

Problem: Was the place of birth, Tyler or Wetzel county, WV? Vernon Anderson lists, Tyler Co., WV.

Problem: Was the date of marriage 7 Oct 1868 or as listed by Verna B. Riggs, 4 Oct 1868.

RESIDENCES: Franklin District, Marshall Co. WV. His lands were adjacent to the Old Pioneer School Grounds. The original road, long abandoned, went right up one side of the hill on which the old schoolhouse and cemetery were located and then down the other side of the hill. The cemetery plat and school grounds were taken from farm lands later owned by Israel Parsons. The land on the other side of the old road was owned by James Parsons and probably before him by his father, Joseph. (Furnished by Claude R. Burton)

RELATIONSHIP: Mary Ann, Sarah Margaret and Sophia Connelly were sisters, the daughters of Eli and Louisa (Bowman) Connelly. They married Israel, Jason and James Parsons, respectively. The name, Connelly, has been changed to Conley, which name is commonly used today. The latter spelling is found in the records of all three mentioned marriages. (Furnished by Claude R. Burton)

MARRIAGE: Israel Parsons and Mary Ann Connelly were married on 7 Oct 1868 in Marshall Co., WV (Source: Marshall Co., WV, Marriage Book A2, p. 35 - furnished by T. Vernon Anderson)

Census: 1870, in Marshall Co., WV, Franklin Dist., #207
Isreal Parsons, 27, VA; Mary A., 24, VA,
Stella V., 4, WV
(Furnished by Vernon Anderson)

Census: 1880, in Marshall Co., WV, Franklin Dist., #7
Israel Parsons, 37, VA PA VA; Mary Ann, 34, VA MD MD,
Stella, 14, dau, WV; Henrietta, 9, dau, WV; Ida, 3, dau, WV,
Joseph C., 3/12, Feb, son, WV
(Furnished by Vernon Anderson)

DEATH: Marshall Co., WV Death Bk 1, pg2
According to Finnicum and Briggs: Israel Parsons died at Route 1, Woodland, Marshall Co., WV at the age of 68 years, 4 months, 2 days.

OBITUARY: Israel Parsons of Franklin District, Marshall Co., WV, died at his home near Pioneer on 28 Sep 1919 at the age of 77. He lived within two miles of where he died all of his life. His parents came to this vicinity when there was not a clearing in sight of their home and raised seven children.

One brother, Jason Parsons of Glen Dale, WV, and two sisters, Mrs. Anabel Monroe and Mrs. Retta Smith, survive. He leaves four children, Mrs. Stella McHenry, Mrs. Retta McKimmie, Joseph Parsons and Mrs. Ida Henry, also his widow, Mrs. Mary A. Parsons.

Religious services were conducted at his home by Rev. Linkletter of Moundsville, WV. (Source: Wetzel Demorcrat, New Martinsville, WV, also Tri-County Researcher, p. 1877.)

PROBATE: Marshall Co., WV Will Book 1, pg 168

Problem: If he is buried at the Christian Church Cemetery, what is the location of this cemetery? Or is he buried at the Pioneer Cemetery, Wetzel Co., WV, as listed by Claude R. Burton? Or is this the Pioneer Cemetery in Marshall Co., WV as listed by others?

CEMETERY: Cemetery extraction of Pioneer Cemetery, Marshall Co., WV indicates: Isreal Parsons; 1843; 1919 and Mary A.; w/o Isreal; 1846; 1930

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Thompson, David Wadsworth

Summary of David Wadsworth THOMPSON - 10 Jun 2010

Name: David Wadsworth THOMPSON
Sex: Male

Individual Facts
Birth 21 Dec 1856 Fredericksburg, Wayne Co., OH
Death 11 May 1926 (age 69) Atlanta, Montmorency Co., MI
Burial 15 May 1926 Boyne Falls, Charlevoix Co., MI
Chr Elsie, Clinton Co., MI, Christian Church

1. Margaret Ann BAKER
Marriage 1 Oct 1878 (age 21) Middlebourne, Tyler Co., WV
David Farnsworth THOMPSON (6 Jul 1879 - 17 Nov 1955)
Della Mae THOMPSON (2 Aug 1882 - 18 Jul 1961)
C. Bond THOMPSON (2 May 1892 - 14 Oct 1897)
Ulysses S. Grant (Grant) THOMPSON (17 Dec 1893 - 24 Oct 1951)

Notes (Individual)
David Wadsworth Thompson

BIRTH: Fredericksburg, Salt Creek Twp., Wayne Co., OH

AKA: Probably nicknamed, Jim.

OCCUPATION: Timber cruiser

DEATH: Influenza

OBITUARY: David W. Thompson: Dies after long illness, prominent in lumber business

Another of the old timers of this community has gone to his rest; David died at the home of his son Grant in this village last Tuesday evening, after a long illness. The funeral will be held at Boyne Fall[s] either today or tomorrow. At the time we go to press the arrangement had not all been made. Mr. Thompson was taken ill about four years ago, since which time he has suffered a great deal. He was stricken by a stroke of apoplexy last JUly and gradually failed. Last November in the hopes he could be benefited by treatment he was taken to Alpena where he remained until a week ago last Sunday, when he was brought to the home of his son here, where he has gradually failed until death came to relieve him of his suffering.

David W. Thompson was born December 21, 1856 at Fredericksburg, Ohio. When a young man, he moved to West Virginia where he married Margaret Baker in 1878. To this union four children were born, one whom died in early childhood. In 1882 they moved to Boyne Falls and since that time have made northern Michigan their home the greater part of the time. In March 1904 he moved his family to Atlanta where he has since engaged in the lumber business as a timber looker and estimator.

He was baptized in the Christian Church at Elsie, Michigan, and has always been a consistent Christian.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Margaret Thompson, three children, David F. Thompson of Cadillac, Mrs. Della Beam of Alpena, and Grant of Atlanta. Six grandchildren and one great grandchild. Two brothers, E.W. Thompson of Port Huron and Charles Thompson of Detroit, and eight sisters, Mrs. Mary F. Fluhart of Highmore, South Dakota, Mrs. Elsie Green of Ashley, Michigan, Mrs. Herman Kunert of Newberry, Mrs. Frank Stewart of Boyne Falls, Mrs. Lora Burrows of Harbor Springs, Mrs. Ernest Pheleps of Grand Rapids, Mrs. Charles Horn of Chicago, and Mrs. Lewis Ward of Stoney Creek, New York.

Mr. Thompson was well known through[out] Northern Michigan particularly in the timber business. He was always recognized as a very honorable and up right man whom it was a pleasure to know; and in passing it can be recorded that another of the pioneers who helped carve from the wilderness of this country, homes for themselves and their children has gone to his just reward. The community will join with his immediate relatives in mourning his demise, but will feel that the world has been better for his presence.

The funeral will be held at Boyne Falls Saturday morning at 10:30.
(Source: Montmorency County Tribune, Michigan, 13 May 1926 - furnished by Valerie Kramer)

Rine, James Miller

Summary of James Miller RINE - 10 Jun 2010

Name: James Miller RINE
Sex: Male
Father: George RINE (19 Jun 1829 - 12 Apr 1892)
Mother: Elizabeth Jane MILLER (abt 15 Mar 1831 - 31 Mar 1906)

Individual Facts
Birth 4 Oct 1856 Bethel Park, Marshall Co., WV
Burial Mar 1928 (age 71) Bowman Ridge, Marshall Co., WV, Salem Cemetery
Death 21 Mar 1928 (age 71) Marshall Co., WV

Notes (Individual)
James Miller Rine

AKA: Jim Rine

BIRTH: 4 Oct 1856 on Rine's Ridge, Franklin district, according to his obituary.

MARRIAGE: The marriage took place in the apple orchard of James and Sarah Wellman on Blake Ridge.

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Family attended church at Kasooth; James Miller Rine was also a minister, like his father, George Rine. However, he was a minister of the Church of Christ. He was the founder of Salem Church on Bowman Ridge, Marshall Co., WV in 1905. (Source: Rine (Ryan) Family History, p. 116, 121)

OCCUPATION: Teacher; farmer; minister of the Church of Christ; County School Superintendent.

RESIDENCES: farm on Bowman Ridge, near Glen Easton, WV

James Miller Rine, son of George and Elizabeth Miller Rine was born on Games Ridge, Marshall Co., VA, October 4, 1856 and died March 21, 1928, aged 72 years. He was a member of a large pioneer family, mostly German descent. He was married to Mary B. Wellman, Sept. 1, 1878. They went to house-keeping on her father's farm where they lived for several years. Then he moved to Wells, 7 miles from Cameron and near Fish Creek.

He received his education in the public schools of Marshall county. Late in life he attended 4 semesters at West Liberty College. He began teaching at the age of 22. The first school was Mountain Hill, which was quite a distance from where they lived, but he made the trip every day. He continued teaching for over 50 years, with the exception of 4 years he was elected County Supt. of Schools. Also, one fal he contracted typhoid fever and missed teaching that year. He taught several terms of summer school and also finished a term of school at Garrett Station, which is now Woodruff. The teacher, Everett Criswell died before the end of the term.

He was a close student of the Bible and became a Gospel preacher and preached on Lord's Days for many years.

In 1918, when Mr. Scott Powell had the History of Marshall County written, through the influence of Walter R.A. Morris, a very bright energetic young lawyer, they had trouble in getting it published. It had taken sometime to get it written and Mr. Morris had died of influenza; so the matter of getting it published remained a matter of uncertainty, till in the early days of autum 1924 when J.M. Rine took up the matter and decided to fill the place left vacant by Mr. Morris; - and to him and his unbounded energy rests the credit of having it published after 4 years of disappointments to the writer.

He taught the Big Run School and he related at one term, he had 21 Mathews's and there were three Mary Mathews's. In 1904 he removed the family to Bowman Ridge, near Glen Easton, and died on the home place in 1928. (Source: Rine (Ryan) Family History, p. 116) (Written by daughter, Adda Heath and given to Dorothy (Rine) Brown on 1 Aug 1965)

CHILDREN: All of the children, except Otis, were born at Wells, near Big Run Church.

OBITUARY: J.M. Rine Expires at Farm Home - Veteran Teacher and Revered Citizen Closes Career.
James Miller Ryan [sic], one of Marshall county's most widely known and revered citizens, died last evening at 10 o'clock in his farm home on Bowman Ridge, near Glen Easton following an illness and pneumonia.

Death closed a most useful career in the passing of Mr. Rine. He was a life-long resident of Marshall county, and devoted almost a half century to teaching rural schools.

He was a minister in the Church of Christ, and often conducted services in churches of that denomination about the county. At one time Mr. Rine's warm interest in the education of the county's youth was recognized by the voters, and he was elected to the post of county superintendent of schools, serving one term.

Only recently the Marshall County Teachers Institute paid tribute to Mr. Rine as a veteran school teacher, and he was declared to be the only educator in the county holding the distinction of having taught pupils in three generations of some families in the county. His last work as a school teacher was done at Gorby school, Meade district.

Mr. Rine's interest in county affairs extended into the city of Moundsville, and he was a stockholder and director in both the Marshall County Band the the City & County Bank.

Born in Franklin District

James Miller Rine was in his seventy-second year. He was born on Rine's Ridge, Franklin district on October 4, 1856, the son of the late George Rine and Elizabeth Miller Rine. He received his early education in the common schools of that district, but was ever striving for further knowledge, and only a few years ago enrolled at West Liberty state normal school for a summer course.

Mr. Rine is survived by his wife, Mary B. Wellman Rine, three sons, Roscoe, at home, Arthur, of Moundsville, and Otis, who resides on a farm adjoining the homestead farm on Bowman Ridge; five daughters, Mrs. Addie Heath, of Fork Ridge, Mrs. Lucy Conner, Mrs. Charles E. Cunningham, and Mrs. Clem Young, of Moundsville, and Mrs. Austa Holmes, of Cecil Ridge.

The following brothers and sisters also survive: Foster Rine, of Moundsville, Gilmore Rine, of Bowman Ridge, T.W. Rine of Long Beach, Washington, Mrs. Nancy Schaffer of Pittsburgh, Mrs. H.A. Richmond, of Bowman Ridge, Mrs. Phoebe J. Cox, of Moundsville, and Mrs. Alice Marshall of Wheeling Island. (Died in 1928) (Source: Tri-County Researcher, 1987, p. 1291 - furnished by Vernon Anderson)

Rine, Foster Lincoln

Summary of Charles Foster Lincoln RINE - 10 Jun 2010

Name: Charles Foster Lincoln RINE
Sex: Male
Father: George RINE (19 Jun 1829 - 12 Apr 1892)
Mother: Elizabeth Jane MILLER (abt 15 Mar 1831 - 31 Mar 1906)

Individual Facts
Birth 14 Aug 1870 Rosby's Rock, Marshall Co., WV
Death 20 Sep 1934 (age 64) Moundsville, Marshall Co., WV
Burial 23 Sep 1934 Moundsville, Marshall Co., WV, Fairview Cemetery

Notes (Individual)
Charles Foster Lincoln Rine

AKA: Foster Lincoln Rine; Foster Rine; Foster Rine in the 1880 census

MILITARY: Company M, First West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Spanish-American War; mustered out at Camp Conrad, Georgia on February 4, 1899.

BIOGRAPHY: Foster Rine spent his youth on the farm, attended Marshall County Schools and West Liberty State Normal School; was knowledgeable and progressive in his thinking and widely known, having taught in Marshall County Schools for forty years (rural and city) - thirty-four as elementary teacher, and six as principal. He was a staunch Republican: served four years on the Republican Executive Committee; elected to West Virginia House of Delegates, 1924-25; served on the Agriculture Education, Prohibition, Temperance, and Military Affairs Committees, and was Chairman of the Committee on Federal Relations. (Source: History of Marshall County, WV, 1984, p. 218 - submitted by Foster Lloyd Brown)

OCCUPATION: Teacher in Marshall Co., WV; guard at the state penitentiary for a number of years; during World War I, he guarded at Beech Bottom Power Plant and the Benwood railroad bridge. During vacations and later, after retirement from teaching, he was employed as a guard at the West Virginia Penitentiary.

PUBLIC_SERVICE: Represented Marshall Co., WV in the 1925 and 1926 WV Legislature.

MARRIAGE: 2 Feb 1901 at Franklin Station, Marshall Co., WV

RESIDENCES: As of Mar 1928, Moundsville, WV

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Member of Calvary Methodist Church, Moundsville, WV. The altar candelabra in the church were given by the children of Foster and Kate Rine in their memory.

DEATH: 20 Sep 1934 at 1208 Short Center St., Moundsville, WV

CEMETERY: Foster and Kate Rine are buried at Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery, Route 250, Moundsville, WV.

OBITUARY: Foster L. Rine, Educator and Legislato, Dies Here; Two-Year Illness
Fatal to Popular Citizen; Was War Veteran
Foster Lincoln Rine, 64, died Thursday night at six o'clock at his home on Short Center street. He had been ill for two years.

Mr. Rine was born and spent his entire life in Marshall county. He was instructor in Marshall county schools for forty years, and was a Spanish - American war veteran, being a member of Company M, First W.Va. Volunteers.

Mr. Rine represented Marshall county in the legislature in 1925 and 1926, being elected on the Republican ticket. He also served a number of years as a guard at the state penitentiary.

He was a member of Calvary M.E. church.

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Katherine Schultz Rine and the following eleven sons and daughters: John Rine, deputy U.S. clerk of Elkins; Mrs. Dorothy Brown, wife of Rev. Durward B. Brown of Gassaway, W.Va.; Lowell, Foster, Jr., Edison, Paul and Reed at home, and Misses Olive, Beulah, Lillian and Marjorie Rine, also at home; one brother, Theodore Rine, of Long Beach, a Washington, D.C. suburb [Note: The phrase, "a Washington, D.C. suburb," is probably an error. Theodore Rine lived at Long Beach in the state of Washington. REH]; and four sisters, Mrs. Nancy Schaffer of California; Mrs. Sarah Richmond, Glen Easton; Mrs. Phoebe Cox, Moundsville and Mrs. Alice Marshall, Wheeling.

The body was removed to the Lutes funeral home.

Funeral services will be held at the home at 1208 Center Street, Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. Rev. S.C. Dotson of Calvary M.E. church will be in charge. (Source: undated clipping, with hand notation, "d. Sept. 20, 1934 - found in
"The Rine (Ryan) Family History," p. 159)

Okey, Cornelius

Summary of Cornelius OKEY - 10 Jun 2010

Name: Cornelius OKEY
Sex: Male
Father: Levin OKEY (23 Oct 1760 - 21 Jun 1829)
Mother: Esther HAZARD (abt 29 May 1759 - abt 29 Oct 1828)

Individual Facts
Birth 3 Jan 1783 Lewiston, Sussex Co., DE
Death 23 Sep 1859 (age 76) Woodsfield, Monroe Co., OH
Burial Sep 1895 Michael Lang Farm, Monroe Co., OH, Belt Cemetery

1. Hannah WEIR
Marriage 5 Feb 1805 (age 22) Belmont Co., OH
James Weir OKEY (3 Mar 1806 - 26 Nov 1880)
Levin OKEY (3 Nov 1807 - 31 Jan 1866)
William OKEY (27 Dec 1809 - 17 Nov 1890)
Hester OKEY (31 Dec 1811 - 1884)
Nancy OKEY (7 Sep 1813 - 9 May 1876)
Henry L. OKEY (29 Nov 1815 - 16 Aug 1880)
Sophia OKEY (20 Jan 1818 - 1903)
Sarah (Sally) OKEY (8 Jul 1820 - 16 Feb 1897)
Arthur OKEY (abt 23 Nov 1823 - 1 Dec 1890)
David Hazard OKEY (18 Dec 1824 - 1901)
John Waterman OKEY (3 Jan 1827 - 25 Jul 1885)
Elizabeth Jane OKEY (12 Jan 1829 - 11 Jan 1900)
Cordelia Ann OKEY (29 Apr 1830 - 20 Oct 1906)

Notes (Individual)
Cornelius Okey

CHILDREN: 13 children, 7 sons and 6 daughters.

ORGANIZATIONS: Member of the Masons for nearly 40 years.

PUBLIC_SERVICE: Cornelius Okey was the first Monroe Co., OH Auditor, the first county Recorder and county Commissioner, ca. 1815. He was elected three times to the State Legislature. (Source: Monroe County Ohio Families, p. 233 - written by Minnie Louise Decker Gadea)

MARRIAGE-CONFLICT: Marriage date of 1 Feb 1805 has been listed. In the obituary of Cornelius Okey the date is listed as, 5 Feb 1805. On page 219, Vol. VII, of Fedorchak she states that Cornelius Okey married Hannah Weir in Belmont Co., OH and that the marriage record can be found there. She didn't list the marriage date.

Census: 1820, in Monroe Co., OH, Centre Twp.
Cornelius Okey
00-10, 1; 10-16, 3; 16-18, O; 18-26, 0; 26-45, 1; 45&up, 0
00-10, 4; 10-16, 0; 16-26, 0; 26-45, 1; 45&up, 0
(Source: The Federal Census Monroe County, Ohio 1820-1830-1840 - Monroe County
Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society)

LEGAL_MATTER: Court of Common Pleas, Monroe Co., OH, June term, 1823. Cornelius Okey was appointed guardian of Jacob Agin, aged 12 years, the 5th of Sept. next (1823), this would give him a birthdae of [5 Sep] 1811, also Rachel Again, aged 11 1st of Sept. 1823, b. [1 Sep] 1812, Naomi Agin, aged 8 yrs. 13 Nov. 1823 (b. [13 Nov] 1815) and David Agin, aged 7 yrs. (b. 1819). All were minor children of Asher Agin, deceased.
[Their mother was, Elizabeth Kidwiler. The children's older sister, Catherine, was married to James Weir Okey, son of Cornelius Okey. REH]
(Source: "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio," by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak, Vol. VII, p. 151)

Census: 1830, in Monroe Co., OH, Center Twp.
Cornelius Okey
00-05, 1; 05-10, 2; 10-15, 2; 15-20, 1; 20-30, 0; 30-40, 0;
40-50, 1; 50-60, 0; 60-70, 0; 70-80, 0; 80-90, 0; 90-100, 0; 100&up, 0
00-05, 1; 05-10, 1; 10-15, 1; 15-20, 2; 20-30, 0; 30-40, 0;
40-50, 1; 50-60, 0; 60-70, 0; 70-80, 0; 80-90, 0; 90-100, 0; 100&up, 0
(Source: The Federal Census Monroe County, Ohio 1820-1830-1840 - Monroe County
Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society)

Census: 1840, in Monroe Co., OH, Centre Twp.
Cornelius Okey
00-05, 0; 05-10, 0; 10-15, 1; 15-20, 2; 20-30, 1; 30-40, 0;
40-50, 0; 50-60, 1; 60-70, 0; 70-80, 0; 80-90, 0; 90-100, 0; 100&up, 0
00-05, 0; 05-10, 1; 10-15, 1; 15-20, 1; 20-30, 2; 30-40, 0;
40-50, 0; 50-60, 1; 60-70, 0; 70-80, 0; 80-90, 0; 90-100, 0; 100&up, 0
(Source: The Federal Census Monroe County, Ohio 1820-1830-1840 - Monroe County
Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society)

LEGAL_MATTER: Court of Common Pleas, Monroe Co., OH, Journal 3, Sept term, 1841
William Piatt, aged 15 years, next May, son of James Piatt, deceased, made choice of Cornelius Okey as his guardian. Bond set in sum of $100. Cornelius Okey was appointed guardian of Simon Piatt, aged 12, May 1st last, John Piatt, aged 10 years May last, sons of James Piatt, deceased, and Susanna Piatt, aged 5 years April next, dau. of said James Piatt, bonds given in the some of $100 each.
[Note: The parents of the children were James Piatt, Jr. and Catherine Moffett. Grandparents were James Piatt, Sr. and Nancy Colman. James Piatt, Jr. died 18 Mar 1840 in Monroe Co., OH. Catherine Moffett lived until, 25 May 1882. Richard E. Henthorn]
(Source: "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio," by Catharine Foreaker
Fedorchak, Vol. IX, p. 301)

CENSUS: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Centre Twp., 288/288, 7 Aug 1850
Cornelius Okey, 67, m. farmer, 4000, Del.
Hannah, 63, f. PA
Hester, 28, f. OH; Sophia, 24, f. OH; Sarah, 22, f. OH; Jane, 20, f. OH
Cordelia, 18, f. OH
Franklin Morrison, 21, m. laborer, OH
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

OBITUARY: Died 23 Sep 1859, Woodsfield, Monroe Co., OH.
Col. Cornelius Okey, one of the earliest settlers in this country, died at his residence one half mile north of this place, on Friday morning, Sept. 23, 1859. He was the eldest son of Judge Levin Okey, and was born in Lewiston, Sussex County, Delaware, on the 3rd of January 1783. In the spring of 1800, he removed with his father's family to the mouth of Captina, in Belmont County, in this State, where, on the 5th of February, 1805, he was married to Hannah Wier, whom he survived seven years. The issue of the marriage was thirteen children, seven sons and six daughters, all of whom are still living.

In the Spring of 1815, he removed to the farm on which he resided at the time of his decease. We do not use the word farm as now understood, for then it was an unbroken forest. Here he settled down, cleared out his farm, reared his family, and grew up with the country. At that day the facilities for acquiring an education were extremely limited, but being possessed of a strong native intellect, he to a very considerable extent overcame the disadvantage of the lack of early education; and shortly after the organization of the county, we find him filling important political stations. In 1825, he represented the county in State legislature, and afterwards was re-elected to the same office several times. He also filled the office of Auditor and Recorder and that of Sheriff from 1835 to 1839, and was a Justice of the Peace for many years. All these stations he filled with satisfaction to his constituents, and credit to himself.

The virtues of bravery and hospitality he possessed in common with nearly all the pioneers of the Western country. And although as we have just stated, he was frequently elevated by the free choice of his fellow citizens to posts of honor and importance, yet he was remarkably plain and unassuming in his manners; and however dark the future appeared to others, he was ever hopeful, ever cheerful.

He was buried by the Masons of Monroe Lodge, with all the ceremonies of that ancient order, with which he had been connected nearly forty years. The interment was in a private family burying ground in the orchard planted with his own hands. He was followed to his last resting place by an unusual number of actual descendants. Twelve out of the thirteen were there, the sons with their wives and the daughters with their husbands, and besides he was mourned by a large number of grand children and great grand children.

Col. Okey had the most unyielding faith in the final happiness of all mankind, and no one ever entered more cheerfully on his journey to that "undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns." We had the pleasure of seeing and conversing with him the day prevoius to his death, and we found him gently sinking to rest, as a tired child sinks into sleep on its mother's lap. Thus full of years and of honors, was he gathered to his fathers. "May our last end be like his." Woodsfield September 28th 1859. W.P.R.
(Source: The Spirit of Democracy, issue dated, 4 or 5 October 1859, Vol. XVI, No. 30, published in Woodsfield, OH - shared by John Ogden in the Monroe OGS Navigator, April 2004, p. 37 - typed here by Richard E. Henthorn)

OBITUARY-REFERENCE: Part of the obituary is published in (Source: "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio," by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak, Vol. VII, p. 219)

Goddard, Nicholas Hitch

Summary of Nicholas Hitch GODDARD - 10 Jun 2010

Name: Nicholas Hitch GODDARD
Sex: Male
Father: John GODDARD (20 Jun 1812 - 20 Dec 1890)
Mother: Amanda Elizabeth YOHO (6 Nov 1823 - 13 Jan 1892)

Individual Facts
Birth 25 Feb 1868 Wetzel Co., WV
Death 5 Jan 1943 (age 74) Moundsville, Marshall Co., WV
Burial Jan 1943 (age 74) Proctor District, Wetzel Co., WV, Goddard Cemetery

Notes (Individual)
Nicholas Hitch Goddard

BIRTH-CONFLICT: 25 Feb 1867 by Vernon Anderson

CHILDREN: 10 children


MARRIAGE: 9 Mar 1890 at Minister's residence, Wetzel Co., WV

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Member of the Palestine church as a young man; later belonged to the Church of Christ in Moundsville, WV.

RESIDENCES: Settled on Whetstone Run, Wetzel Co., VA/WV, where they built a large two-story house. Last 19 years of his life in Moundsville, WV.

Census; 1900, in Wetzel Co., WV, Proctor Dist., 133
Nicholas H. Godard (sic), Feb 1868, 32, 10 years, WV PA WV, farmer
Clara B. FEb 1872, 28, 6/5, WV WV WV
Thurman, Aug 1890, 9, WV WV WV; Roy, Feb 1893, 7, WV WV WV
Nola, Apr 1896, 4, WV WV WV; Nora, Aug 1897, 2, WV WV WV
Dora, May 1900, 1/2, WV WV WV

OBITUARY: Nicholas H. Goddard was born February 25, 1868 and departed this life January 5, 1943, aged 75 years, 10 months and 11 days.

Surviving are the following children: Thurman L. and Roy O., of New Dale, WV; Mrs. Nola Hawkey, Long Beach, California; Mrs. Nora Mason and Mrs. Ola Allen, Detroit, Mich.; Webster E., of Moundsville, WV; Mrs. Bessie Goudy, Warwood, WV; Mrs. Mildred Bitely, Jackson, Michigan; and Woodrow of Detroit, Michigan.

A son Earny J. preceded him in death several years ago at the age of 15 months.

He also leaves 18 grandchildren and one great grandchild and many other relatives and friends to mourn his loss.

Mr. Goddard had lived the latter nineteen years of his life in Moundsville, spending the greater part of his life in Wetzel County. He was a member of the Palestine church when a young man, later uniting with the Church of Christ at Moundsville. He had been in failing health for the past nine years.

Funeral services were held at his home on Annadale avenue, Thursday at 1:00 o'clock, conducted by Brother D.C. Hadwin of the Wheeling Church of Christ. Interment was made in the Goddard cemetery, with E.L. Mason, undertaker, in charge.

"Dearest father, thou hast left us,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled."
(Source: Wetzel County, WV Obituaries, Volume IV, 1994, p. 30, published by Wetzel County Genealogical Society - furnished by Darlene Bacon)

OBITUARY-ERROR: There is an error in the obituary of Nicholas Hitch Goddard. The obituary states that he died at the age of 75 years, 10 months, 11 days. If the dates of birth and death listed, 25 Feb 1868 and 5 Jan 1943, are correct he lived to be 74 years, 10 months, 11 days.

Blake, Joseph Boyles

Summary of Joseph Boyles BLAKE - 10 Jun 2010

Name: Joseph Boyles BLAKE
Sex: Male

Individual Facts
Birth 16 Feb 1836 nr Rosbys Rock, Marshall Co., VA
Death 16 Oct 1919 (age 83) Proctor, Wetzel Co., WV
Burial Antioch Cemetery, Proctor Dist, Wetzel Co., WV

1. Lydia GORBY
Marriage 26 Jan 1860 (age 23) Marshall Co., VA1
John William BLAKE (Dec 1860 - 29 Jul 1939)
Joseph F. BLAKE (abt 1863 - 24 Jan 1892)
Susan Elizabeth BLAKE (20 Jan 1865 - bet 1949 and 1960)
Amanda Jane BLAKE (8 Oct 1867 - 14 Dec 1954)
James Walker BLAKE (11 Jul 1869 - 11 Feb 1960)
Nathaniel Bruce BLAKE (11 Aug 1869 - 12 Jun 1944)
Mary Ellen BLAKE (1 May 1874 - 3 Apr 1949)
David Vandover BLAKE (25 Dec 1875 - 14 Apr 1961)
Samuel Vincent BLAKE (abt 1876 - 23 Feb 1947)
Daniel Freeman BLAKE (19 Nov 1879 - 20 Nov 1936)
Rachel Emaline BLAKE (15 Aug 1882 - 19 Mar 1962)
Cora BLAKE (4 Aug 1883 - 16 Jan 1936)
Dora M. BLAKE (4 Aug 1883 - 2 Mar 1965)
Wiley S. BLAKE (14 Jul 1887 - )
Infant BLAKE ( - )

Notes (Individual)
Joseph Boyles Blake

CHILDREN: had 13 children with Lydia Blake and 9 children with Eliza Goddard

Probably the Joseph who was a Pvt in Co B 12th WV Vol Inf, SEP 1862 to 16 JUN 1865.

#320 Marshall Co 1860
Blake, Joseph B (a) 24 VA, Lydia (a) 18 VA

BLAKE, JOSEPH B. - A veteran of the Civil War and one of the oldest citizens of Wetzel county, died at his home in Proctor District on 16 Oct 1919 at the age of 83 years.

He was born 16 Feb 1837 near Rosby's Rock in Marshall Co, (W)VA.

He was united in marriage in Feb 1860 with Lydia Gorby at the age of 24 years. To this union fifteen children were born, eight sons and seven daughters.

Mrs. Blake died in 1887 at the age of 51 years.

Mr. Blake married Eliza Jane Coffield Goddard, widow of Harrison Goddard, on 29 Oct 1887. They had seven sons and one daughter.

Surviving besides his widow, Eliza, are nineteen children, 98 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, three brothers and two sisters.

Mr. Blake was a member of the Christian Church, joining at the age of 30 and being baptized by Rev. Anguish.

Joseph B. Blake served three years in the Civil War.

Funeral services were held at the Antioch Christian Church with Rev. Linkletter officiating. Interment was in the church cemetery. (1837-1919)

1. Marriage Records, Marshall Co, WV, bk 2 pg 411.