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Yoho Cemeteries

Yoho Cemeteries
Where are the Yoho Cemeteries?
Written by
Richard E. Henthorn
May 1997

In a number of genealogy documents about the Yoho family of West Virginia it has been difficult to determine in which Yoho family cemetery people are buried. This problem occurs because there are a number of Yoho cemeteries and any of them can be referred to as the "Yoho Cemetery."

In the files of Richard E. Henthorn and T. Vernon Anderson each West Virginia cemetery has been given a unique name which includes the first name of the male Yoho on whose land the cemetery was established. The names of the cemeteries and descriptive information is listed below.

Peter Yoho Cemetery - at Fish Creek, near Graysville, Marshall Co., WV
(On the original Peter Yoho farm) Spouse of: Mary Jane Irene Mayhall.

Samuel Yoho Cemetery - on Rt. 46, off Eight Mile Ridge, 1/4 mile back of the Church of Christ, Wetzel Co., WV. Spouse of: Ophelia V. Garrett.

Henry M. Yoho Cemetery - Rines Ridge, Marshall Co., WV
Spouse of: Susan Elizabeth Kelley.

William J. Yoho Cemetery - Rines Ridge, Marshall Co., WV
(On the farm of William J. Yoho) Spouse of: Mary Yoho

Doliver Yoho Cemetery - Brushy Ridge, Marshall Co., WV
(On the farm of Doliver Yoho) Spouse of: Mary Emma West.

Vince Yoho Cemetery - Rines Ridge, Marshall Co., WV
(Farm cemetery. It has not been determined which Vince Yoho owned this farm)

Yoho Cemetery - Batesville, Noble Co., OH
Located on a peninsula at the upper end of Seneca Lake, between Rt. 147 & 513.


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