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Will of Henry Henthorn - 18420306

Will of
Henry Henthorn
6 March 1842
Will Book #1, Page 147
Monongalia Co., WV

I, Henry Henthorn of Monongalia county and State of Virginia, do hereby make my last will and testament in the manner and form following, that is to say,

First, I desire that all of my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my perishable property.

Second, that my wife Sary shall have the tract of land that we now live on during her life time, and I also give my wife Sary my black horse for her own use to do as she sees proper with.

Third, I give my wife one cow with red sides and a white back, also six grown sheep and six hoggs one head stead bed and beding for the same one cupboard and cubbard furniture one oven, one skillet and two small potts, six chirs.

Forth I further give my wife Sary the eighteen acres of land adjoining lands of Thomas Dunn and E.T. Ellicotte and Co. which come to her from her Father's estate for her to sell or do as she sees proper with.

Fifth, I leave my eight hundred and eighty acre tract of land adjoining Wiremans land laying on the head watters of Deckers Creek and Booths Creek to be sold and the money applied to paying my debts.

Also I wish my flatt boat in partnership with Nicholas Vandavert to be run and sold and my part of the proceeds of the boat and freight to be applied to my debts.

Sixth, at the death of my wife Sary my home tract of land is to be sold and my daughter Mary is to be paid one hundred dollars out of the proceeds of the sale and the remainder of the money is to be equally divided amongst all my heirs, sons and daughters that is now living and their heirs and it is understood that Mary is to receive her equal part over and above the hundred dollars above mentioned.

Seventh, and if any money should be left out of the proceeds of other sails after my debts is paid it is to be equally divided between all my heirs as above mentioned.

Eighth, I further give my wife all the wheat, corn and oats that is now on hand to her own use.

Ninth, the Executer of this last will and testament is requested to proceed to sell the within mentioned land that is to pay my debts by small persolls (parcels, N.H.) or the whole to geather as he or they may think best for to release part of the first clause in this will so far as it would interfere with the perishable property that I have give to my wife in the other clause of this will.

Tenth, I further appoint Seth Staffod my Executor of this my last will and testament and I denie of having any other one but the present one as witness my hand and seal this six day of March, one thousand eight hundred and forty two. 1842.

/s/Henry Henthorn
Signed, sealed and delivered
in presents of us,
Thomas Cole, David Lowe, John Bayls (X)

Recorded, March term 1842 on the oaths of David Lowe and John Bayls.
Attest. W.T. Willey, Clerk

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