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Yoho, Samuel

Samuel Yoho

PARENTS: Peter Yoho and Margaret Baker

Problem: Was the date of birth, 6 Jan 1782 or 16 Jan 1782?

BIRTH-BIBLE: Samuel and Elizabeth Preble Yoho Bible lists: Samuel Yoho; Born January 16th 1782 in Pa.; Married May 4th A.D. 1802; Death Woodsfield, Ohio Jany 31st A.D. 1835.

BIRTH: According the Verna B. Riggs he was born on 16 Jan 1782 in Marshall Co., VA/WV.

MARRIAGE: Marriage of Samuel Yoho and Elizabeth Prebble took place on 4 May 1802 at Belmont Co., OH. (Source: Office of Recorder, Belmont Co., OH, Deed Book A - furnished by Denver C. Yoho)

RESIDENCES: Samuel Yoho was in Monroe Co., OH as early as 1816, as his names appears in that year on a list of "ear marks" for his cattle. He was also on the tax list for Center Township in 1818, taxed for 1 horse and 1 cow, and the 1820 census indicates that he probably had 4 sons and 3 daughters. (Source: Catherine Fedorchak column, 20 Jul 1972)

RESIDENCES: On 24 March 1828, when Henry Yoho Jr. bought the land of Peter Yoho from the other heirs, Samuel Yoho and Elizabeth his wife, were living in Monroe Co., OH.

PROBATE: Samuel Yoho died apparently by 25 March 1835, as his will was brought to court then. Elizabeth Yoho and Thomas Yoho were the executors. In April 1840, they presented their final accounting of the estate. Elizabeth Yoho was his wife, and she is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery at Woodsfield. (Source: Catharine Fedorchak column, 20 Jul 1972)

PROBATE: The settlement of the estate of Samuel Yoho took place 27 Feb 1846 in Monroe Co., OH. His son Charles Yoho was not mentioned in the settlement.

BIBLE: Family Bible Record

Family; Born; Married; Died
Samuel Yoho; Jan. 16, 1782 in PA; May 4, 1802; Jan 31, 1835; Woodsfield, OH
Elizabeth Yoho; Apr. 7, 1782 in PA; ; Sep 21, 1844

Mary Yoho; Nov. 16, 1802; Oct. 18, 1821; Apr. 24, 1886
Margaret Yoho; Sep. 10, 1806; ; May 3, 1807
Thomas Yoho; Oct. 15, 1808; Jun. 25, 1836; 1890
Sarah Yoho; Dec. 1, 1810; Jun. 2, 1831; Apr. 19, 1864
Lucinda Yoho; Feb. 15, 1813; Mar. ?, 1831; Sep. 5, 1882
Isaac Yoho; Sep. 11, 1815; ; Apr. 25, 1848
Reuben Preble Yoho; Oct. 28, 1817; ; Feb. 9, 1845
Lewis Yoho; Jan. 1, 1820; ; Oct. 15, 1821
Alfred Bailey Yoho; Jan. 19, 182?; Sep. 30, 1849; Nov. 24, 1910
Apr. 27, 1856 [Note: I don't know what this date means. REH]
(Bible record furnished by Hugh L. Yoho. Photocopy of the Bible page was also reviewed by REH after being furnished by Denver C. Yoho)
[Note: It is claimed that Charles Yoho was a son of Samuel and Elizabeth Preble Yoho. He is not listed in this Bible which does nothing to substantiate this claim REH]

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