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Yoho, Harrison

Harrison Yoho

PARENTS: George Washington Yoho, Sr. and Jane Hartley

Problem: Harrison Yoho appears in the Ancestral File more than once, BFCH-59,

MARRIAGE: Harrison Yeho [sic] and Martha Goddard were married on 22 Mar 1838 in Tyler Co., VA by Jared Goddard.
[Note: Apparently the marriage took place in Tyler Co., VA and is now recorded in Wetzel Co., WV. REH]
(Source: Wetzel Co., WV Marriage Record Book, 1, p. 41 - furnished by Shirley Hannaford to Myrna Goddard)

The first church was the Palestine Church [in the Marion, WV area] which first met in the home of Joseph Walker with Harrison Yoho preacher. Later at the other end of the settlement the Rockport Church was started at the foot of the Nicely Hill. At that time the road went past the Laurel Point Cemetery up the creek with several families living there.
(Source: Ohio Valley Richmonds - Their Kith and Kin, Ethel L. Briggs, 1976, p. 182)

OCCUPATION: Harrison Yoho was an Elder in the Disciples of Christ Church having been ordained in 1857. He was held in high esteem by all who met him.

RESIDENCES: Farm near Halls Mills, in the vicinity of Wileyville, WV

CHILDREN: Harrison and Martha (Goddard) Yoho had 6 children.

Census: 1850, in Wetzel Co., VA (Now WV)
Harrison Yoho, 31, m. VA, farmer; Martha, 28, f. PA
Matilda, 12, f. VA; Roley, 10, m. VA; Henry, 9, m. VA; James, 1, m. VA
Dorcus Goddard, 60, f. PA
[Note: Dorcus Goddard was probably the mother of Martha (Goddard) Yoho. REH]

Census: 1860, in Wetzel Co., WV, 701
Harrison Yoho 45 VA Minister
Martha (Goddard) 40 VA
Rolla M. 18 VA
Henry M. 16 VA
James B. 10 VA

COMMENT: Children added to the family based on the 1860 census: Rolla M. and Henry M.

Census: 1870, in Wetzel Co., WV, Proctor #260
Harrison Yoho, 55, farmer, 400 300, VA
Martha, 47, PA
James, 21, VA; Sarah, 20, OH
(Furnished by Myrna Goddard)

Census: 1880, in Grant, Wetzel Co., WV, G022, Green, #190
Harrison Yoho, WM, 63, farming, VA VA VA
Martha, WF, 34, wife, keeping house, PA PA PA (Some read age as 54)
Hannah Grimes, (s), WF, 18, Adptd. dau. at home, VA VA VA
(Source: 1880 Census of West Virginia - Compiled by William A. Marsh)

BIOGRAPHY: Hardesty Extract

Harrison Yoho was a son of pioneer settlers of this district, and was born in Wetzel County, November 16, 1816. George and Jane (Hartley) Yoho were his parents, and he is a grandson of Henry Yoho, who was a contemporary of Lewis Wetzel, and the first settler in what is now Proctor District, Wetzel County, W.Va. Henry Yoho fought the Indians in Ohio County, Virginia (West), and all along the River. He and his wife were buried in this county, as was their son George, father of Harrison.

In Wetzel county, March 22, 1838, Harrison Yoho and Martha Goddard were married, and their children are four living and one deceased, namely:

Matilda, born January 20, 1839, married Wesley Garloch and lives in
this county;

Raliegh W., born May 24, 1840, married Jemima J. Laflen, and lives in
this district;

Henry H., born January 22, 1842, whose first wife was Margaret Goddard,
second wife, Mary E. Wade, with whom he is living in this district;

Joanna, born January 11, 1844, died in December 1848;

James B., born January 17, 1849 married Sarah A. Garloch and lives in
Belmont County, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. Yoho also adopted one child, Hannah E. Givens, born in 1859.

Twenty-three grandchildren have been born to Mr. & Mrs. Yoho, of whom nineteen are living, and they have one great-grandchild.

Harrison Yoho was ordained to the ministry in the Church of the Disciples, as elder, in November 1857, commencing to preach at that time. In all the subsequent years his labors have been owned and blessed, and he is now the oldest minister of that faith in Wetzel County. He has a farm in Proctor District and receives his mail at Halls Mills, Wetzel County, West Virginia.
(Source: Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia of West Virginia, 1883, p. 213-214 - furnished by Joanne (Kelley) Pauley to Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Yoho)

According to Joanne (Pauley) Kelley: Harrison Yoho rode circuit with Alexander Campbell, who started the restoration movement in the Presbyterian Church. There were called the Church of the Disciples, but later it was believed that Campbell went too far, and those that didn't believe as he did became the Church of Christ. Among these were H. Yoho.

Problem: Was the date of death, 4 Nov 1895, age 78, at home in Wetzel Co., WV as reported by Myrna Goddard? Or was the date of death 4 Apr 1895 in Wetzel Co., WV as reported by others? The obituary lists, 4 Apr 1895 at the home of his son, Henry.

On April 4, 1895, at the home of his son Henry, the goodly spirit of Bro. Harrison Yoho was released from this world for its bright home in heaven, having reached the 81st. year of his age. He was born and raised in Wetzel County, W.Va. and died near the place of his birth.

His Christian wife was 74 years old at the time of her death, whose spirit preceded his to the spirit land about five months. Their family consisted of five children- three sons and two daughters, one of the latter having also passed over the river, only to welcome the father and mother into their celestial home in heaven. The rest remain to mourn their loss. But they had the pleasure before they left this world of seeing all their children obey the call of their Master, and become members of the one body.

Bro. Yoho had been a preacher of the gospel of Christ for over fifty years, and was widely known and tenderly loved by his brethren, and was held in high esteem by the world, as a worthy godly man. As a preacher he was like the apostle Paul; he determined to know nothing but Christ, and him crucified. He was always ready at any call, day or night to go. He never kept any memoranda of his work, but we are safe in saying that those who were made to rejoice in a Savior's love under his preaching would run up into the thousands, having organized the greater number of the congregations in this and adjoining counties.

The writer conducted the funeral services in the presence of a host of sorrowing friends and relatives. His remains were interred in Antioch cemetery by the side of his beloved companion, there to await the sounding of the last trumpet when the dead in Christ shall rise first to receive a crown of righteousness.
J.M. Garrett
(Source: published in the Tri-County Researcher, Vol. 3, No. 1, January 1979, p. 269 - furnished by Vernon Anderson)

CEMETERY: Tombstone at Antioch Christian Church Cemetery, Wetzel Co., WV reads:
HARRISON; YOHO; DIED; APR 4, 1895; AGED 81 YRS.; 6MONS. 26DS.; I have fought a good fight; with the gospel ?; And thousands I have; led to the Lord.
(Source: Photograph furnished by Darlene Bacon)

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