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Estate of Philip Henthorn - 18090505

David Gilliland
Administrator For the Estate of
Philip Henthorn
5 May 1809

Allegheny co., PA

I, Samuel Jones, Esq, Register for the Probate of Wills and granting letters of Administration in and for the County of Allegheny in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to David Gilliland, Administrator of all and singular the good and chattel Rights and credits which were of Philip Henthorn Late.

Deceased Greeting: Whereas this Philip Henthorn lately died as is affirmed having whilst he lived and at the time of his deceased divers goods and chattel rights and credits within the said commonwealth by means where of the full distribution of powers Granting Letter of Administration thereof is Manistest by? known to belong to me.

I therefore desiring the goods and chattel rights and credits which were to the deceased may be well and truly administered and converted and respond of according to Law, Do hereby Grant unto you this David Gilliland in whose fidelity in this behalf I ver much confide full power by the tenor of these present to administration of the goods and chattle rights & credits which were of the deceased as also to ask collect, levy, recover & receive the credits whatsoever of this deceased which at the time of the death were owing or in way belong to him and to pay the debts in which this deceased stood obliged ? (not to or go) far forth as the goods & chattle, Rights credit will extend according to their rate and order of Law, Especially of well & Truly administering the Goods & chattle, Rights, & credits which were of the deceased & making a true & perfect Inventory & Con? cion??le appraisment there of & Exhibiting the same into the Register Office at Pittsburg on or before the 5th day of June next and also a true and just account calculation & Reckoning of your Administration upon your solem oath or affirmation to Render on or before the 5th day of May A.D. 1809 or when Legally thereinto required And I do by these presents ordain constitute & deposite you this David Gilliland Administrator of all & singular the Goods and Chattle Rights and Credits of the p. deceased, having harmless and forever indemnifying Me & all other Officers against all persons by Reason of your administration aforesaid & having all others heir Rights ??

In Testimony whereof I have caused the seal of this office to be here into affic??ed. Dated at Pittsburg aforesaid the 5th day of May A.D. 1809.

For Samuel Jones Legel ministrator.


(Transcriber noted that there seemed to be a lot of capital letters in the middle of the sentences. Where there were two "ss" together they used the "pf" symbol.)


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