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Parsons, Jason

Summary of Jason PARSONS - 21 Jun 2010

Name: Jason PARSONS
Sex: Male
Father: Jehu PARSONS (abt 17 May 1811 - abt 25 Oct 1881)
Mother: Catherine YOHO (18 Aug 1813 - 21 Jul 1876)

Individual Facts
Birth 8 Feb 1846 Wetzel Co., VA
Burial Jan 1937 (age 90) Moundsville, Marshall Co., WV, Greenlawn Cemetery
Death 18 Jan 1937 (age 90) Glen Dale, Marshall Co., WV

1. Sarah Margaret CONNELLY
Marriage 28 Sep 1867 (age 21) Franklin Dist., Marshall Co., WV
Charles C. PARSONS (abt 23 Aug 1868 - 23 Jun 1951)
Cora Belle PARSONS (11 Nov 1869 - 13 Jan 1951)
Ella PARSONS (6 Dec 1871 - 1911)
Louisa Frances (Lou) PARSONS (7 Sep 1873 - 17 May 1942)
Infant PARSONS (25 Nov 1875 - 29 Nov 1875)
Jeahue T. PARSONS (13 Nov 1876 - 1945)
Edison W. PARSONS (11 Apr 1880 - 1943)
Peter F. PARSONS (10 Dec 1881 - 20 Sep 1955)
George Cleveland PARSONS (12 Nov 1884 - 13 Mar 1980)
Vernon L. PARSONS (26 Jul 1886 - 1937)
Jesse J. PARSONS (13 Jan 1889 - 19 Jul 1971)

Notes (Individual)
Jason Parsons

Problem: Was he born in Wetzel Co., WV or as listed by Vernon Anderson, Tyler Co., WV?

RELATIONSHIP: Mary Ann, Sarah Margaret and Sophia Connelly were sisters, the daughters of Eli and Louisa (Bowman) Connelly. They married Israel, Jason and James Parsons, respectively. The name, Connelly, has been changed to Conley, which name is commonly used today. The latter spelling is found in the records of all three mentioned marriages. (Furnished by Claude R. Burton)

MARRIAGE: Jason Parsons and Sarah Margaret Connelly were married on 28 Sep 1867 in Marshall Co., WV. (Source: Marshall Co., WV, Marriage Book A1, p. 71 - furnished by T. Vernon Anderson)

Census: 1870 in Marshall Co., WV, Franklin Dist. #208
Jasons Parsons, 24, VA; Sarah M., 22, VA,
Charles, 3, WV; Cora, Nov 1869, WV
(Furnished by Vernon Anderson)

Census: 1880, in Marshall Co., WV, Franklin Dist. #4
Jason Parsons, 34, JP, WV PA VA; Sarah M., 32, wife, VA MD MD,
Charles, 12, son, WV; Cora, 10, dau, WV; Ella, 8, dau, WV;
Louisa, 6, dau, WV; Jehu, 3, son, WV; Edison, 2/12 Apr, son WV
(Furnished by Vernon Anderson)

RESIDENCES: As of Sep 1919, Glen Dale, WV

Problem: Did he die in Glen Dale, Marshall Co., WV or in Akron, Summit Co., OH?

OBITUARY: The death of Jason Parsons is felt as a personal loss by many people who were not related to him. At the age of 91 years he took an active interest in life and until but a few weeksago was making his usual rounds of visiting children and other friends in this state and Ohio. Keeping friends with old and young always seemed to be more to him that acquiring honors in public life or adding to his worldly goods.

Correct living, industry and intelligence had enabled Mr. Parsons to spend his old age in any manner he chose without being hampered for finances and he lived by mingling among his friends. He never proffered advice but it was often sought. Neither did he push himself forward to hold office, yet for more than thirty years in his active years he was retained in the office of justice of the peace, a community accommodation, and there were but few cases that he could not get the parties to compose their differences without resorting to law.

Probably Mr. Parsons was the last survivor in Marshall county who had been a member of the county court when that body was composed of the justices of the peace.

When agitation for a bridge across the mouth of Fish creek began and the most feasible location for bridges of that day was Graysville, Mr. Parsons was instrumental in having the proper road connections built to that riffle before the matter went further.

Previous to that bridge when Fish creek could not be forded the only way to get to the county seat from below the creek was by steamboat.

Within the last twelve months three lifelong companions have died in that community. They were born in the same year in that neighborhood, George A. Smith, Robert Coffield and Jason Parsons, they spent their lives on farms that joined and died within a few months of each other.

Two years ago George Parsons had a reunion of the Parsons relationship at his farm at Pioneer and Mr. Smith and Mr. Coffield as well as this father Mr. Parsons were present.

Another interesting fact in the life of Jason Parsons was the he and his brother Israel and his cousin James, married three of the Connelly sisters, Sarah M., Mary A. and Sophia, and the three families resided in the same neighborhood. (Source: undated clipping - furnished by Hugh L. Yoho)

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