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Henthorn, Benjamin R.

Heart Attack Claims
B.R. "Wink" Henthorn
Feb. 14, 1935

The grim reaper, Death, descended on our little community last
Thursday, and removed one of our best loved and highly respected
fellow townsman, Benjamin R. Henthorn. Perhaps, for the benefit of
his countless friends, we had better call him "Wink," the name known
to partically every man, woman and child in Lewis county. Many there
were who did not know that his real name was Benjamin.

He had not enjoyed the best of health for the past five years, and
some three years ago suffered an attack of flu, which so weakened him,
that although he managed to get back to his accustomed place of
business, he never fully recovered, and his friends had anxiously
watched him from week to week, slowly slipping. The climax was reach
last Friday week, the 8th, when friends think, worrying over the
condition of his good wife, who was confined to her bed with a tumor,
brought on a heart attack just as he arose from his bed that morning,
and he collapsed.

His son, Dr. Arthur Henthorn, arrived after a forced drive from St.
Johns, Mich., and all that medical skill and loyal friends could do,
availed nothing. Apparently just worn out, he pass quietly away
shortly after 4 o'clock Thursday morning.

He was born March 27, 1862, in Ironton, Ohio, the son of Henry and
Caroly Henthorn. He came to Vanceburg in 1887, where he met Miss Emma
Scott, to whom he was united in marriage December 29, 1887. Four
children were born to them, Arthur being the only survivor, two having
died in infancy, and Gus, who was drowned in the Ohio river during the
summer of 1910. now occupied by J.T. Ott, and more than thirty years in the
present Danner Stand in the E.W. Bruce Building, which he occupied
during the fire two years ago. He then set up shop in the old Heller
Meat Shop on Market Street, where he remained until his death.

In 1910 he united with the Christian Church under the ministry of C.A.
Van Winkle, and obeyed his Lord in baptism, and has since been a
faithful member, being on the Board of Deacons for many years.
Fraternally, he was affiliated with the Jr. O.U.A.M., Odd Fellows and
Knights of Phythias.

Wink Henthorn was a good man, and since his conversion, a true
Christian character. His close friends know what a loyal husband and
loving father he was. Ardent and impetuous in his championing of the
principals in which he believed, politically (Abe Lincoln Republican)
or morally, he may have at times confounded his friends of different
views, but none there were to doubt the sincerity of his convictions.
He was just plain "Wink" he stood for what he thought right and you
had to take him or leave him, just as you choose. There was
compromise or hair-splitting with him. He will be sadly missed not
only by his bereaved family and his church, but by the entire
community of which he was undoubtedly a landmark of near half a

The funeral services were held, first at the home, a private service
for the widow who was unable to leave her bed, then at the Christian
Church, his minister, Ira W. Stout, officiating, and the body laid to
rest in Woodlawn cemetery by Plummer Bros., until that great day when
he shall hear the words, "Come ye blessed of my father, inherit the
kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world."

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