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Abel D. Carpenter

Abel D. Carpenter

PARENTS: Vincent Carpenter and Eleanor Dement

SPOUSE: Mary Ann Richeson

Census: 1870, in Monroe Co., OH, Seneca Twp., 104-104
    Abel Carpenter, 22, OH, farmer; Mary Ann, 20, OH, keep house
    Emma F., 2, OH; Louisa, 6/12, OH
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

Census: 1880, in Monroe Co., OH, Seneca Twp., 83/88
    Abel Carpenter, 32, OH OH OH; Mary Ann, 31, OH OH OH
    Emma F., 12, OH OH OH; Louiza, 10, OH OH OH; Laura Bell, 9, OH OH OH
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

Abel D. Carpenter, the subject of this sketch, was born in Seneca township [Monroe Co., OH, 21 Apr 1849] and always resided in that township. He was confined to his bed for eight weeks or more when he began to get weaker and for more then ten days seemed to be drawing closer and closer to the resting place of all the grave.

During his sickness there were several doctors in attendance, Dr. Weber of Lewisville and Dr. Williams of Summerfield. Several days before Mr. Carpenter died the above mentioned doctors accompanied by Dr. Diehl of Lewisville and Dr. Staats of Summerfield concluded to make a surgical operation which they did, but after making this investigation they pronounced the case fatal and the cause cancer, located about the stomach.

In the course of events Abel D. Carpenter died February 27th 1901 [in Monroe Co., OH], and was buried in the beautiful cemetery at Calais. His father and mother are still living, his father is 87 years old. The family of the deceased consists of his wife Mary Ann (Richeson) and three daughters who are married; Emma to Elmer Hannahs; Flora Belle to Charles Hannahs and Lousia to James Wise.

Abel Carpenter was kind and friendly to all and had a wide acquaintance every where; most people in Monroe county knew and he was a hail fellow with everybody and nobody had any real differences as to Abel. He was generous and only the worse to himself if anything. He hade a good faculty of intellect in matters of judgment and on his death bed he called names of many people he would like to see before he died. He had a kindly feeling and pleasant calling of past recollections of pleasant times with his many friends and all the time he was lingering in sickness there was a continual coming and going of friends.

He called all his family about him shortly before he died and in his usual way of conversation told them he would not live much to get and talked to them as a sensible father would about what he would like them to do and what he had fixed in his mind. It was his wish that he might meet them all in Heaven. He expressed his desire that the writer of this sketch should write about him and send it to the THE SPIRIT OF DEMOCRACY to be put in that paper. Now we have done so and though frail as we may have performed the task yet the deceased was known by me for a good many years and all his career was to be sociable and friendly toward all, and like all of us he had his ups and downs and has passed the threshold of this life to join the innumerable throng which moves to that mysterious realm of Heaven where each of shall take his place in the halls of eternity.

The family of the deceased desired to express their thanks to their may friend who so kindly assisted and aided them in their patient care during the time the deceased was confined to his bed.
(Source: Thursday 14 March 1901, Spirit of Democracy, Woodsfield, OH - furnished by Terry Willis)

RECOLLECTIONS: Reunion Sept 1930
The children and grandchildren of the late Abel [D.] Carpenter [and Mary Ann Richeson] met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Abel Brown on Route 1 and enjoyed their first family reunion.

At noon a sumptuous picnic dinner was served and a most delightful social time was enjoyed by all. It was decided to make the reunion an annual event with the place of the 1931 reunion to be determined later.

Those  present included:
Mr. and Mrs. Brown, [probably daughter, Louisa Julia Carpenter and husband, Abel Brown]

Mr. and Mrs., Will Moore and children, Sylvan, Gerald, Billy and Jack of Bethesda;

Mrs. Laura B. Hannahs, [probably daughter, Laura Belle Carpenter, wife of Charles Wilbur Hannahs]

Mrs. Frank Hayes, [might be, Georgia Belle Hannahs, daughter of Laura Belle Carpenter and Charles Wilbur Hannahs, she married Frank Hayes]

Mrs. William Dewar of Barnesville; [probably daughter, Opal Mary Hannahs, daughter of Laura Belle Carpenter and Charles Wilbur Hannahs, she married William Dewar]

Austin Hannahs of Canton; [probably Austin E. Hannahs, son of Laura Belle Carpenter and Charles Wilbur Hannahs, he married Margaret P. West]

Elmer Wise of Salesville; [probably Elmer Benton wise, son of Louisa Julia Carpenter and James S. Wise, he married Mandy Arastus Pearl Millison]

Mrs. Chester Flutharty and daughter, Betty and [of Sistersville, WV, probably Mary Thelma Johnson and daughter, Betty Lenora Fluharty, her husband was Chester Dewey Fluharty]

Mr. and Mrs. Homer Boyd and daughter Inez, of Sistersville, WV;

Elmer and Virgil Carpenter of Boston;

Forest Hannahs and children, Gerald, Roy, Muriel, and Ruth, [probably Forest Lloyd Hannahs, son of Emma Florence Carpenter and James Elmer Hannahs, he married Emma Florence Carpenter, daughter of Abel D. Carpenter and Mary Ann Richeson]

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hannahs, [might be James Elmer Hannahs and wife, Emma Florence Carpenter]

Mr. and Mrs. Miles Hannahs and children, Frances, Austin and Junior,  [probably, John Miles Hannahs, son of James Elmer Hannahs and Emma Florence Carpenter]

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carpenter and children, Elvin and Ada, [probably Joseph William Carpenter and Louisa Louise Hannahs]

Ove Hannahs,
Wilbert Goodhart,
Josiah Thomas of Calsis, and
Vera, Charles and Leah Brown.
Abel Carpenter estate, final accounting; administrator, J. F. Hannahs, 19 Nov 1903.
[Note: Comments in brackets by Richard E. Henthorn]
(Furnished by Donnie D. Huggins)
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