Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lewis, Thomas Arbuckle

OCCUPATION: Thomas Arbuckle Lewis was a farmer.

MILITARY: Thomas Lewis answered his country's call and enlisted in 1861. He returned from the War Between the States to marry Mary Emily McMeins.

MILITARY: According to Anne P. Morris, Thomas was in the civil war battle of Resaca, GA in about 1864. He told Anne's mother and her sisters that they ate field corn becaue the rations were low.

RECOLLECTIONS: Thomas and Mary Emily (Mc Meins) Lewis used to drive their horses from their home in Brown Co., IL to Drexel, Cass Co., MO to visit their Lewis relatives there. (Source: Wayne Mc Meins)

OBITUARY: Thomas A. Lewis Dies

Thomas A. Lewis, husband of Mary E. Lewis, born on 13 Oct 1840, died on 2 Mar 1921 at Buckhorn Twp., Brown Co., IL at the age of 80 years, 4 months, 17 days. He was born in Griggsville, IL, son of James Lewis who was born in Kentucky and Emila Dale whose birthplace was not known. He was a farmer. He died of lobar pneumonia with a secondary contributing factor of senility. He was attended by R.C. McGann, M.D. of Mt. Sterling, IL. F.W. Aber of Mt. Sterling, IL was the undertaker who arranged the burial on 4 Mar 1921 at Benville, IL. Rollin (sic) Lewis of Siloam, IL was the informant. (Source: Standard Certificate of Death, State of Illinois, Registration Dis. No. 39, Primary Dist. No. 6067, Registered No. 15 - furnished by Anne P. Morris)

Problem: Was his date of birth, 13 Oct 1840 or 9 Aug 1840? Was his date of death, 2 Mar 1921 or 17 Mar 1889?

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