Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mr. Dickie's New Google Blogs

For a few months I have been keeping a personal journal (Mr. Dickie's Blog) on Google. I've been pleased with how the service works.

I announced earlier that AOL will discontinue Journal support on October 31, 2008. Google agreed to move AOL journals to their service. They created an easy procedure to facilitate the transfer.

I'm pleased to announce that I have successfully moved my three AOL journals to Google. As of October 21st I will no longer post new information to any of the AOL journals. Certain housekeeping tasks remain to be accomplished before the three new Google blogs will be configured to my satisfaction. Please be patient as I go through that process.

I'm thankful that Google was willing to support AOL users by providing support for our journals.
My four Google blogs are as follows:

Personal Blog:

Arrow Prayers:
http://arrowprayers.blogspot.com/ (976 entries)

Henthorn Genealogy News:
http://henthorn-website-news.blogspot.com (130 entries)

Henthorn Obituaries:
http://henthorn-website-obits.blogspot.com (50 entries)

Mr. Dickie

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