Monday, December 6, 2010

Goddard Cemetery

Goddard Cemetery

There are two Goddard Cemeteries in Wetzel county, West Virginia. They are usually confusingly known as Goddard Cemetery. Linda (Goddard) Stout, to reduce confusion, calls one of them the Old Goddard Cemetery and the other the New Goddard Cemetery. The two cemeteries are located in the same area. In fact, Route 89 divides the fields in which the two cemeteries lie.

The Old Goddard Cemetery is located at the upper end of a meadow (now wooded) which was originally part of the old Goddard homestead. The land, is probably owned, as of 2002, by Clyde and Lisa (Kocher) Stillion. Lisa is a granddaughter of Woodrow Garner. She is the daughter of Eldon and Ardith (Garner) Kocher.

The New Goddard Cemetery is located about 1/4 mile out Nicely Ridge on the property of Linda Stout's uncle, Robert "Bob" Allen Goddard.
(Furnished by Linda (Goddard) Stout - Apr 2002)

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